Rotary Club of Dennison

On May 30,2017 the Dennison Rotary Club was presented "The Significant Achievement Award" from Rotary International. District Governor Seiglinde Warren presented the award to Club President Dale Burkholder who accepted the award on behalf of the Club.
The award is a result of a club project which started in 2013 a completed in August of 2016. The project involved the club purchasing a house in Dennison which was abandoned and scheduled for demolition. The house has significant historic value to the village because it was one of ten built by the railroad for employees in the 1890's. The house had deteriorated and was a safety concern to the village. The club purchased the house in October of 2013. During the years of 2014 thru early 2016, the club restored the basement and foundation, also replaced all windows, doors and all exterior cedar wood siding as well as a partial roof replacement. New front and back porches were needed as well. The interior of the house was completely gutted to bare floors, rafters and wall studs. The cost to complete this work was $148,000.00 which was paid by the club thru fund raising projects. During the summer of 2016, club President Burkholder contacted Habitat for Humanity of East Central Ohio, to see if they would be interested in a donation of the house from the club. Habitat did have an interest in the house and the club donated the house to Habitat in August of 2016. Since then, Habitat has completed the interior remodeling to fit the needs of the family who will be taking ownership on June 30. A formal dedication of the home will be held on June 30, involving Dennison Rotary Club, Habitat for Humanity and the family moving into the restored house.
The Dennison Rotary Club completed the Presidents Project for 2016/2017. The project was a two phase project for the village of Dennison. Phase one was completed late last summer. The club provided the funds for the village to purchase eight HD security cameras for McClusky Park. The police department indicated a need to upgrade and expand the security system in the park, and had selected a brand and model which they wanted to purchase, but funding was a problem.
Phase two also was for McClusky Park in Dennison. The club constructed a new charcoal grill shelter adjacent to an existing picnic shelter. Up to this point there were no charcoal grills in the park. The shelter consists of a 12'x20' concrete pad and an open air shelter with a vented roof. Under the shelter there are two large grills and two secured tables on which to place grilling equipment and product to be grilled. The club also had cosmetic repairs performed on the existing picnic shelter.