Rotary Club of Rittman

Being consistent. As a small club in a struggling town we find some of the most rewarding activities we do are the annual projects with the students. Each year the High school knows it can count on Rotary to provide several opportunities. We have received a wonderful thank you note from our RYLA student. He had an wonderful and impactful weekend. Thank you to all those in the district who make that event possible.

We have also chosen our college scholarship recipient. Not sure who it is yet as the school keeps it secret until the awards banquet. So, we will let ya know soon and send a nice picture when we get it!

What I really wanted to spend a moment and report on though is the response to urgent need we were able to provide to Rittman in a time of need. A short while ago a local tv news station sent and did a rather unflattering report on Rittman as a whole and a specific park in town. Needles and other evidence of drug use had been found laying about the park in the center of town. The obvious danger to kids as well as the general negative image and impact was taken rather hard as just another knock on Rittman and its community. We as Rotary were able to respond quickly as we had already had in place plans to clean up that park and make it family friendly again. So, fortunately the timing was spot on and we were able to finalize the clean up as well as get security cameras placed in that park. There will be a follow up news segment on the rapid and positive response to the problem lead by Rotary! That will get us some excellent publicity and hopefully add to our numbers here in town. Plans are also being made to add the cameras to other parks around town. ) photos to follow next time!

Jere Dutt - Rittman