Rotary Club of Salem

Rotary Club of Salem recently awarded all third graders at Salem Elementary, St. Paul’s Elementary and United Elementary new Merriam Webster Dictionaries.  They have been using them in class and at the end of the school year, the dictionaries are theirs to take home.  Attached are pictures of some of the children and club president, Kelly Darney.  This is a literacy project funded with Rotary grant money. 
The Rotary Club of Salem held a Kentucky Derby party on Tuesday, May 2.  There was a best hat contest and several horse races.  Proceeds from the event were donated to the Salem Police and Fire Departments to help with the purchase of new communication consoles.  Representatives from both departments came to the event and wore their professional hats.  Pictured are Derek Day, Salem Fire; Kelly Darney, club president; Scott Mason, Salem Fire Chief; and Steve LaRosa, Salem Police.