The Rotary Club of Canfield

Canfield Rotary has finished our Lighting of the Green December 1st with a celebration of 50 trees and the Bandstand all lit from the individual electrics that were dug into the north end of the Green. These electrified areas can be used for holiday events,Marke on the Green or July 4th It will be lit every night thru New Years. Also, we had a speaker by the name of Brad Hurtig who lost both hands in a press accident. aOter clubs visited Dec. 8th for his presentation which was sponsored by our member Sam Boak. We participated in Operation Warm, Gifts for a family from Beatitude House.Our Christmas Party will be held here in Canfield at the Hampton Inn. Interact will be making cookies for CPD. Working for a Valentine Fund Raiser and a meeting schedule is set up to work on the District Conference. Flags are being inspected and put away for year 2018.... Thanks Margot Baird