One of your most important tasks is to nominate the District Governor candidate for 2021-22.  Upon selection, this person will become the District Governor Nominee-Designate (2021-22).  This is an important task.
Most of the clubs in our District have qualified individuals.  They are leaders in their club.  Many have served as President, (a requirement), Assistant Governor, are successful in their business and profession and are leaders in their church and/or community.  Our job is to select the best qualified individual!
To qualify to be nominated, he or she
  1. Must have served as a club president for a full term.
  2. Must have been a Rotarian for at least seven (7) years before taking office.
  3. Must be nominated by a resolution adopted by his or her club members (sample attached). 
  4. Of course, the candidate must agree to the commitment of serving as District Governor.
We ask that each club survey their membership and select the best available candidate.  Subsequently, you should seek his or her permission to place their name in nomination for the office of District Governor in Rotary year 2021-22.  Click on this link to view the current nomination application form.
All nominations, accompanied by the club adopted resolution, must be in the hands of the committee by 31 May 2019.
Please submit the nominations to the Nominating Committee Chair, Scott R. Schulick, at 1012 Old Furnace Rd., Youngstown, OH  44511