Posted by Linda Henderson
District Governor’s Corner
August 2020
           As an educator August was always an exciting month. Even though principals work all year, the school is quiet during June and July. The first of August things start to happen. Kids are in the building for sports practices, registration, and to get information. Teachers begin to show up to get their rooms ready and decorated for their students. Everyone is excited to get back together. The building is buzzing, and no one sleeps the night before school starts. It is almost like Christmas. I know things are different this year and, even though I am retired, I can guarantee that the excitement will be there when everyone gets back together, in whatever format they use.
           The pandemic has changed the way we meet and operate in Rotary, but just like school this is a New Rotary Year.  We are going to build on our success using virtual formats; we are going to learn to social distance and mask when we do meet; we are going to fund raise in new and different ways; and we are going to connect with one another. Rotary is all about connecting and having fun while we do good in the world.
          Your new presidents are settling into their roles and setting goals for their clubs. Committee chairs are working to keep clubs and the district running and relevant. All Rotarians should be involved in making plans for the upcoming year.
          Our system of awards has changed. This year every club in the district can earn an award. Your presidents have a point sheet that details how each club can earn points and achieve one of three award levels. Copies of the award point sheet are posted on the web page so every Rotarian can participate in earning an award for his/her club. 
          I encourage you all to attend the Tri-district Membership Seminar on September 15, and September 23. We need to keep our members engaged and find new members throughout the district.  I also encourage you to attend District Club Assembly on October 14. These events are in the evening; they are virtual; and they are free to those who attend. They are a chance for all members to connect and share ideas. Don’t miss this opportunity.                             
          In other news, a word of congratulations to our new District Governor Nominee Designate, Rich Tirpak. Rich is from the Plain Township Club and he joins Michelle, Steve, and I in leading our district to new levels of engagement.
          We hear the phrase “we are all in this together” often. This is never more true than in Rotary. We will not let the pandemic halt or even slow down our good work.