Posted by Linda Henderson
Happy Holidays! Wow, did you ever think we would get to the end of 2020? I will admit that we lost quite a bit during 2020. Many of us lost regular meetings and the fellowship that is Rotary. We lost All Ohio Pets, District Conference, the International Convention, and the Awards Banquet. Rotary clubs have lost cherished traditions like pancake breakfasts, golf outings, and Oktoberfests that mean so much to their communities. We have struggled to raise funds that are so important to the communities that have come to depend on us for help. Rotarians who were active and productive have lost jobs and businesses or had to change work hours. We are separated from our friends and families. To add to the pain we had devastating fires in the West, monthly hurricanes in the South, and, yes, murder hornets who threaten our honey bees and our food supply. Our nation, and especially our health care system, is exhausted.
It has been a challenging year, but it has also been a learning experience.What is really impressive is that Rotary has answered the call. In every town Rotarians continue to find ways to help. We have learned that we can meet in new ways, outdoors and on Zoom. We have developed new ways of fund raising. We have learned to connect and remain socially distanced. We have volunteered in food banks, and other relief efforts.
This Holiday Season we are facing a winter when the pandemic will be even worse than last spring. Most things are cancelled and families are not able to be together. It is up to us to decide how we will handle the reality of a holiday during a pandemic. As always, Rotarians will find a way to celebrate safely. Remember that the hope of a vaccine is on the horizon in 2021.
My holiday wish is for peace; the peace of understanding among people, the peace of knowing we are safe and secure,and the peace of mind that comes from caring for mankind.