Posted by Linda Henderson
It is May. Most of us have had our COVID vaccinations and we are opening up a bit. Clubs are meeting in person. Hopefully we are starting to get out and see friends and family I want to invite every Rotarian in the district to our District Conference on June 26, 2021, we will begin with brunch at 10:30 A.M. and finish after a good lunch and speaker at 4:00. This will be a chance for us to reconnect and reset. The year of the pandemic took its toll on individuals, businesses, and organizations all over the world. Rotarians have done an excellent job of keeping their projects and good works going under less than ideal conditions. However, I would be minimizing the problem if I pretended that Rotary has felt the same since March of 2020. We long to be together. This District Conference is designed to help us reconnect, recharge, and enjoy the company of fellow Rotarians. There will be no training, and our business meeting will be efficient and short. We will have two excellent speakers. We will hear from our 4 Way Test contest winners. We will remember Rotarians who have passed away. We will honor our presidents. We will honor our centennial clubs. We will pass the title of District Governor from me to Steve Wilder. We will have two delicious meals and plenty of opportunities to visit and catch up. Please to make plans to join us. I am anxious to see all of you and reconnect.