Posted by Linda Henderson
One of the things that I feel badly about is the way that we jump from Halloween into the Holiday Season.  It is as if Thanksgiving is just a day off with a big meal and a shopping spree. As a matter of fact, the Thanksgiving meal has given way to a full day of beating your friends and neighbors to the best bargains at Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.  If anything good came out of this pandemic it is that the brutal Thanksgiving shopping ritual has been curtailed. 

Since this year we are probably not going to be participating in a shopping day or having a big family party, perhaps we can find time to remember all of the things for which we are thankful. In the next few weeks spend some time thinking about the fact that we have plenty of food, a good warm home, clean water, personal safety, access to good healthcare, and the ability to use our automobiles to get where we need to go.  
After you have given some thought to all the good things you enjoy,  spare a thought for those who do not have access to health care, clean water, adequate housing, enough food, or  warm clothing. This is where being a Rotarian becomes so very important.     
November is Foundation Month for a reason. While we are being thankful, sharing our good fortune feels like the right thing to do. The money you give to the Rotary Foundation is a contribution of your good fortune. The amount you give to the foundation isn’t as important as the fact that you share what you have with others. Through grants large and small the money is used to fund sustainable projects that will make lives better. 

This year we haven’t had much to celebrate. Let’s make the 2020 Foundation Campaign one in which every Rotarian contributes. We can celebrate our good fortune by helping those less fortunate.