Posted by Linda Henderson
Linda Henderson
District Governor 2020-21
One of my favorite parts of October is Halloween. Perhaps because I spent a lot of my time in public schools I relate to the excitement and joy that kids feel when they get to dress up and parade around town in search of goodies. I even remember some of my most memorable costumes. I was a pumpkin, a witch, a spider, a doctor, and, as an adult, I went to a party as Big Bird. It didn’t work. I was too short, and I think I traumatized the toll taker at the Newell Bridge between East Liverpool and West Virginia. Something about a big yellow wing coming out of the window of my green, 1975 Ford Pinto upset the poor man.
Fred and I love treating the kids who come to our door on Halloween. We talk with them and enjoy their antics. The little ones are so excited. I do wonder what kind of pain there would be if I had to watch one of those beautiful children crippled or killed by a disease that is completely preventable.
October is also Polio Month. This month when you are making plans to treat your neighborhood kids, spare a thought, and perhaps a few dollars, for the children in Pakistan and Afghanistan who are not yet free of the Wild Polio Virus. We are so close to eradicating this disease that it doesn’t make sense to stop now. We have to complete our mission of ending Polio.
In other news, we are having club assembly on October 14, from 6:00-7:00 p.m. This is a fun and enlightening event open to all Rotarians. We will be targeting ideas to help clubs thrive in the pandemic. The Rotarians in 6650 have been working and meeting all year to make this world a better place. Our Club Assembly will address the challenges we are facing. It is on line, no traveling, it is free, and it will be mostly small interactive groups.
Please join us. You can register on this website. I hope to see all of you at Club Assembly.