District Governor’s Corner July 2019

Almost all months have a theme and July is the Transition Month. We are transitioning from the tremendous success of PDG Scott Schulick, his Leadership Team, AG’s, Chairs, Committee Members, Presidents and Fellow Rotarians. Thank you for all of your hard work and accomplishments. We plan to start where the District finished and continue the progress made last year. If we continue to focus on Fellowship, Leadership, Integrity, Diversity and Service above self, we too will have an amazing year.

We hope to make this bulletin fun to read and visually enjoyable. Please send Lauri funny pictures of your Club Officers or Fellow Rotarians. We also would appreciate photos of your service projects. Please let Lori, DGE Linda, DGN Steve or I know about yours and your fellow Rotarians life events. We would like to know about any special awards or recognitions earned or given to Rotarians, or special events as: 50-year anniversaries and, babies. Please also let us know about fellow Rotarians that passed away.

This year our Presidents Elect and their clubs worked on a service project called My Very Own Blanket. There are over 17000 foster children in Ohio from 0 to age 18. Many of these children are taken from their home with only the clothes on their backs. To be given a blanket with their name and a Rotary label attached, is a moment they may never forget. It is a gift they can wrap themselves up in a find the warmth they may be missing in life. I would not be surprised that many will keep their blanket their entire life. Such an amazing gift and each one only cost $10.00. I am so proud and grateful for your hard work. District 6650 actually won a beautiful trophy for achieving first place among 5 Districts for the number of blankets submitted. Thank each and every club and family member who spent so much time making these blankets.

District Trainers Greg Blasiman and Jim Ondrus are working hard on our One Rotary Summit Fall Assembly. Last year we had over 100 in attendance. It was an action-packed day and enjoyed by all. We will meet this year on September 14th from 9 to 12 at Courtney’s Banquet Center in Alliance. A continental breakfast will be available. Please let Jim, Greg, Lauri, DGE Linda, DGN Steve Wilder or myself know about any training you or your club would like this year. We are so fortunate to have so many Rotarians in the District who are willing to help you with your requests.

Vicky and I have been blessed to have been invited to a number of events so far. We really enjoy the time we share with fellow Rotarians. I want to give you a heart warm thank you for attending the Awards and Installation program. I really enjoyed talking with you and your partners/spouses. For the past 29 years I have shared with my family about the kind hearts and endless willingness to serve by our fellow Rotarians and good friends. It was really a joy to have my family share the evening with all of you.

I have started my visits and have enjoyed them far more than can be imagined. If your club has not called, or emailed me with possible dates for my visit, please do so. I would like to end this brief message with a reminder that August is Membership and New Club Development Month. We have many people eager to help you with your goals of membership and new club development. Just drop me a line and we will do our best to assist.

I am so eager to watch each of your clubs as they assist in “Rotary Connects the World”.

Dan Morgan
DG 2019/20