Gear Up Your Plates Today to Promote Rotary and Support The Rotary Foundation

 When you renew your Ohio License Plates, be sure to ask for the Official Rotary International Ohio License Plate.  Not only will you Publicize Rotary Wherever You Drive, but you'll Support The Rotary Foundation as well. 

The Ohio Rotary License Plate costs only $25 more than your normal registration fee and $15 of the fee is contributed to The RotaryFoundation. Since the program was initiated in 1997, over $100,000 has been contributed to The Rotary Foundation from the Ohio License Plate Program.

Ohio Rotary License Plates are available for passenger cars, non-commercial trucks or trailers, motor homes and house vehicles online at   or at your local BMV office.  You may keep your current initial, reserved or personal plate number.

Some Ohio Rotarians have gotten a little creative with their ROTARY license plates.  Here are some examples of those seen around the area:  EREY, 1HUG4U, DG0708, XCHANGE, H20DG, CLNH20, XPOLIO, LUVRTY, NTRACT, XCUSED, MAKEUP, 4WYTST, 016TRF, 4 TRF, 4 GSE, USA QP, and 43506.  Other examples can be seen on our web site or our Rotary License Plates Facebook page at!/groups/200190641616/

Ohio is one of only eighteen states that offer the Rotary International License Plate.  With your Rotary License Plate you can Watch and Wave to Fellow Rotarians as you travel.  Get yours today!