Greetings Rotarians!...  What a season we’re living through!  One that reminds me daily how much the world needs Rotary, and people like you.
As you may have already heard, we’re joining with Districts 6600 and 6630 to present the Tri-District Membership Seminar on September 15th and 23rd.  Click here to Register.
What you may not have heard, is our Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend!  So here goes.
  1. It’s Virtual:  The downside of covid-disruption?  It’s forced many of our meetings online.  The upside of covid-disruption?  It’s forced many of our meetings online!  If you’ve ever wanted to join a district or zone event, but found it difficult to travel...take advantage of this opportunity to participate from the comfort of your easy chair!
  2. Rotary Inspiration:  Group meetings like this are always me.  Come see the faces and hear the voices of hundreds of Rotarians from across the nation. Not all at once, there will be moderators.  But you know...
  3. Paul Harris Fellow:  Early registrants will be included in a drawing to win a Paul Harris Fellow.  Why not, right?
  4. Meet Barry Rassin:  Former RI President Rassin will be our introductory speaker.  Now’s your chance to tell him your deepest thoughts.  Or to respectfully mute yourself, and raise your hand for comment. :)
  5. Hot Shot Jenny Stotts:  9/23 Keynote speaker will be Jenny Stotts of our Athen Sunrise Club, who spoke at the RI Assembly this past year.  Her topic of “Rotary Happy” has been a big hit, and I personally can’t wait to hear it.  Not that you need my opinion.  But c’mon...Rotary, Gratitude, Happy.  Yeah.  (note:  “hot shot” is a term of respect)
  6. Keeping Clubs Vital:  Workshop #1… bring us your ideas and inspiration!
  7. Making Rotary Work:  Workshop #2… bring us your inspiration and ideas!
  8. Sharing the Joy of Rotary:  Workshop #3… this is really what it’s all about, ain’t it?
  9. Building Your Momentum:  Workshop #4… I guess we’ll have to get some work done, too.
  10. Rotary is YOUR Organization:  But seriously folks… attend this brief online conference to reinforce your appreciation of the people and the promise that ignited your interest in the beginning.  The world needs Rotary, and Rotary needs YOU!  (And it’s Free.)
If I may answer any questions, or be of assistance...please let me know.
Because of the convenient nature of this online meeting… I hope we can spark your interest, and benefit from your participation.
Love to see you there.  Click here to Register.
Ed Kalaher
District 6650
Co-Chair, Membership