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February 2022
February is RI Peace and Conflict Resolution Month...

One of the world’s most widely printed and quoted statements of business ethics is The Four-Way Test, which was created in 1932 by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor, who later served as RI president, when he was asked to take charge of a company that was facing bankruptcy.

This 24-word test for employees to follow in their business and professional lives became the guide for sales, production, advertising, and all relations with dealers and customers, and the survival of the company is credited to this simple philosophy. Adopted by Rotary in 1943, The Four-Way Test has been translated into more than a hundred languages and published in thousands of ways. 

February 2022
I want to share with you a report I received from Christian Pepera, Department Manager - Stewardship of The Rotary Foundation.
District 6650
Dear Governor Wilder,
 On behalf of the Trustees, thank you for participating in The Rotary Foundation (TRF) grants programs to serve communities in need. I am writing to update you on the world reporting analysis conducted in January 2022. The analysis is performed on a quarterly basis to track each district’s compliance with reporting requirements for Rotary Foundation grant projects.
I am happy to inform you that District 6650 was 100% up to date with reporting requirements for grants sponsored by the district and its clubs as of the January 2022 analysis. The Trustees rely on district leaders to ensure that stewardship guidelines are being upheld worldwide and they thank you for your efforts. We recognize the challenging work involved to maintain this level of compliance and encourage your district and its clubs to continue your excellent work.
At the time the analysis was conducted, District 6650 had three grants in paid, funded, and reported status. Please see the table at the end of the letter for the list of grants (information included in the table is up to date as of the date of analysis).
We encourage you to collaborate with the clubs in your district to ensure that reports are submitted for any overdue grants. Over the next few days, TRF will be sending report reminder letters for any grants for which it has been 18 months or more since the last payment or report date. You will be copied on these letters for any grants in your district.
 For updated grant statuses or more detailed information, please contact the TRF grant coordinator listed below for each grant number. You can also request a copy of your district’s file activity report from the TRF Contact Center at or the Stewardship Department at
The Rotary Foundation appreciates the excellent work that you do, and we thank you for your efforts to comply with the Foundation’s reporting requirements.
Sincerely, ...................................
Christian Pepera
Department Manager | Stewardship
Report Due
Report Overdue?
Coordinator Email
Plain Township
Thank you to all our clubs involved in projects in support of The Rotary Foundation local and global projects and areas of focus.
Governor Steve.
District 6650 Conference - Our district conference is still planned for Saturday, June 25, 2022 from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Walsh University Barrette Center.
The RI District 6650 4-Way Test Speech Contest / District Competition finals will be at the Arrowhead Golf & Event Center (formerly the Fairways at Arrowhead) on Saturday, April 2, 2022. 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Club competitions should be completed by March 1, 2022. Contact Sandra Lang (330) 432-4706 [] or Elwood Walker at (330) 432-4706 [] for assistance or additional information.
Rotary Youth Exchange – preparing to resume youth exchange.  Are in-person exchanges really going to resume on 1 July 2022? Yes. Until the Board takes a different decision, districts are permitted to begin planning for in-person exchanges. Please understand, if the situation changes dramatically the Board could take a different decision, but not before carefully considering the situation and the impact of any decision. Hopefully our District Youth Exchange coordinators Brent Rice, Wooster Club, (330) 749-7120 [] and Bill wood, Louisville Club, (330) 284-4779 [] will have more information in the coming month.
Virtual Series
Join us on February 4th for the 2022 Kick-off Session of the Zones 30 and 31 Conversations that Matter Virtual Series!
The Conversations That Matter Virtual Series is back for 2022! Registration is OPEN  for Conversations That Matter with President Shekhar Mehta.  Join President Shekhar for a mid-year focus on our global efforts to Serve to Change Lives presidential initiatives, including Each One Bring One, New club development, Rotary Days of Service and Empowering Girls.
Have a question for President Shekhar? You can enter your question when you register!
Here are the Details to Register!
Each One Bring One: Conversations That Matter with President Shekhar MehtaFriday, February 4 at 11:00 -11:45 a.m. CT/12:00 noon-12:45 p.m. SPACE IS LIMITED – Advance Registration is required
Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta has urged members to become more involved in-service projects, saying that caring for and serving others is the best way to live because it changes not only other people’s lives, but also our own. be able to do more through service, Rotary needs to increase membership. Membership has hovered around 1.2 million for the past two decades. Thus, Mehta has challenged Rotary District and Clubs to be catalysts to help increase membership to 1.3 million by 1 July 2022 through his Each One, Bring One initiative which asks every member to bring one person to join Rotary within the remaining year.
Club Leaders, I know you are doing a wonderful job on empowering your members to share Rotary with others! It is inspiring to see what Rotary Clubs can do when we prioritize the member experience and give members the tools to invite others to benefit in the same way. Below, you will find tips for success and a sample timeline to take your Each One, Bring One campaign to the next level as we turn the calendar into a new year. Every Rotary Club is unique, so feel free to adapt, customize and dream up your own creative ideas!
Implementation Tips
Each One, Bring One… Keep Two! When you approach membership growth from a systemic perspective that includes ALL your members, you not only grow Rotary
through growing relationships, but you strengthen the commitment and engagement of your current members. Take a few moments and check in with all members. Touch base
with newer members. Rotary is as strong as our relationships with one another!
Complete the Sharing the Rotary Experience Activity at a club meeting. This is a great activity to use in place of a speaker. Clubs that complete the activity, report it build
camaraderie as members share their own memories and special experiences in Rotary.
Develop a solid plan for welcoming and engaging guests
Create a culture where your current members feel very comfortable approaching guests to introduce themselves.
Remind your members about Each One, Bring One and internally recognize the members who participate. Consider a 1–2-minute acknowledgement/thank you during
your monthly business meeting for members who participated last month.
Devote a club meeting to Each One, Bring One and use the “Prospective Member” tool from Rotary International to identify prospective members in your community.
Create a handout for club members to give prospective guests so they can learn about your club meeting times.
Implement a guest follow up plan:
Each One, Bring One | Welcoming Guests Scripts & Tips 
Before the meeting begins, Presidents should introduce themselves privately to the guest and inquire about how they’d like to be introduced once the meeting begins. Remember to ask or verify: Proper pronunciation of their name. Consider writing it down phonetically if you’re uncertain of the pronunciation.
  • Pronouns used by the guest.
  • How they’d like to be introduced regarding job title, profession, etc.
  • Are they comfortable introducing themselves or would they like for you to complete the introductory announcement?
  • Consider asking members to personally introduce their guests during the meeting.
  • Create a culture of invitation by encouraging members to make the first move by introducing themselves to new members.
  • Welcome new members and personally seat them with current members, while making thoughtful introductions.
    • Example: “Jamal, I’m so glad you’re here! Our meeting will begin in a few minutes, but I’d love for you to meet Helen and Mike.”
  • Create a follow up pathway for guests. Designate a member of your membership committee or another volunteer to personally follow up with guests, inviting them to return or offer to answer their questions.
    • Example: “Hi Lydi. It was nice to meet you at the park cleanup project. I’m so glad that Samual invited you and that you jumped right in. We’d love to have you back. We meet on Tuesdays at noon at the Coffee Club. I hope you can make it!”
    • Example: “Good Morning Brant, I’m glad you joined us for Rotary today. It was nice to meet you. I hope that we’ll see you again next week, but I wanted to touch base and see if you have any questions about our club.”
  • Consider creating a “Welcome to Your First Meeting” handout to provide to guests or as table tents on all the tables to educate newcomers about routines, traditions and other details that might welcome them into the meeting environment. These assets might include:
    • The Four Way Test
    • Basic “agenda” for the meeting including fellowship, ringing the bell, pledge, announcements, program speaker. Even in general terms, these templates can help guests know what to expect at a typical meeting.
    • Fun facts about the history of your club.
    • How to become a member or who to go to with questions.
Talk to your members about the monthly charitable incentive hosted by the district for members who participate in Each One, Bring One. If a member of your club has won the
drawing, invite the charity to present at a club meeting. Share information about Each One, Bring One in your club’s newsletter.
Consider hosting a community “open house” to celebrate your members and the community you serve. Clubs are encouraged to replicate “Meet Rotary” for in-person
events or virtual gatherings. It is a high-impact event that highlights the important work of Rotary while identifying opportunities for others to get involved.
As the Rotary year ends, think about ways your club might continue to engage with current and future members.
Thank you.
Governor Steve
Four Way Speech Contest...
Preparations for the District 4-Way Speech Contest have been underway for months. Now it your turn to make sure we have a successful District competition We intend to have a socially distant in-person event on Saturday, April 2 at Arrowhead Golf Club, 1500 Rogwin Circle, North Canton, Ohio, but we need your club represented. There are 4 steps to successfully send a student representative to 6650 District competition.
1. Contact your local high school, either the speech instructor, English teacher or principal would make an excellent contact.  Explain the 4-Way test and ask them to nominate local students who may want to win prize money to compose a 4-to-7-minute speech using the 4-Way Test as the theme.
2. Hold your local contest as a weekly Rotary program using members as judges giving out local prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. You can use copies of the judging criteria as guidelines for the judges.
3. Fill out the registration form provided in the packet and  mail or scan it and send it to either Elwood, or Sandi Lang
4. Bring your 1st place contestant to Arrowhead Golf Club Ohio on Saturday, April 2ndat 8: 30a.m. to compete with other local winners for the District 6650 Championship.
Questions? Contact Elwood Walker at or Sandi Lang
The Rotary Foundation...
Rotary is about the power to connect, partner, and create change. In 2021, we connected, partnered, and created change in new ways. What does your club hope to accomplish in 2022?
Find our 2021 annual report here:
Thanks to those Rotarians and Rotary Clubs across the country who want to help with the destruction that the tornado caused Graves County and Mayfield Kentucky last night. Our Mayfield Rotary Club appreciates the offer for assistance.
If you want to make a monetary donation you can make a check payable to: Mayfield Rotary Club and in memo line put: Tornado Relief. Since our post in Mayfield has sustained significant damage, you can mail checks to:
John Carrico
300 Wexford Court
Paducah, Ky. 42003
RYLA 2022
The RYLA 2022 conference for District 6650 students has been cancelled due to maintaining the safety of all with COVID-19 protocols and the need for a new venue.
How can you help continue the RYLA program?
We are currently looking for an affordable venue that would accommodate our RYLA conference.  
  • Housing for 100 students and 30 adults.
  • Food service (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – preferably with a large dining area to serve up to 145 people at once.
  • Breakout rooms – at least 4 rooms that hold up to 30 people doing activities (not just classroom space)
  • One large gathering location to accommodate 300 people.
  • Opportunities for on-site recreational activities.
If you know of possible venues in District 6650 that you think we should explore, please share that information with Barbara Loudon.
A new venue gives us an opportunity to develop new curriculum. If you have a passion for high school student leadership development, please contact Barbara Loudon.
Thank you for your support!
Barbara Loudon
RYLA Conference Coordinator and District Chair
Rotary District 6650 Youth Exchange Committee is accepting and reviewing student applications for long-term exchange (LTEP) in the 2022-2023 school year. Rotary Youth Exchange around the world has been suspended since Summer 2020. The District 6650 committee is hopeful exchanges will be allowed to resume in the fall of 2022. Rotary International (RI) will make the ultimate decision whether to re-open the exchange program or to continue the suspension. RI’s decision will be made in the coming months.
Locally, we intend to be prepared to resume exchanges as soon as RI gives us the green light to re-start. Interested students should be aged 15 to 19 at the time of exchange. Students that apply and are accepted will go out on exchange in August 2022 pending RI’s program authorization. In the meantime, encourage interested students and their families to find more information on exchange and access to the student application through the Youth Exchange district link at the D6650 website
Rotary Youth Exchange is a reciprocal program. In order to sponsor and send outbound students, we will again rely on D6650 Rotary clubs to host inbound students. Host clubs…
*Partner with their local school district for admission and attendance of inbound students  *Arrange host families (between 2 to 4 to share each student housing through the year)          *Support hosted students with a small monthly stipend *Involve inbound students in club and community activities while looking after the well-being of the student.
Direct your questions and interest you or your club may have to be of service with Rotary Youth Exchange to D6650 Youth Exchange Co-Chairs                                                                    Bill Wood (330-284-4779;; Louisville Rotary Club          Brent Rice (330-749-7120;; Wooster Rotary Club
Clubs are reminded to update their membership data through My Rotary or their club management systems by January 1 to ensure that their club invoices will be accurate. Getting a My Rotary Account is not difficult. Your account helps RI collect data: demographic information, a primary and secondary email address, and your membership number (If you do not have this, your club secretary will have it.)
Go to the Rotary International web site ( At the top click My Rotary Below the red “Sign into My Rotary” box there is another that says, “Create an Account.” Click on that. Follow the instructions and put in the required information. In 24 to 48 hours, you will receive an email that will instruct you further about your account. After that you can just click the red “Sign into My Rotary” box; put in your email and password to access your account.
Using My Rotary Web Site
• Sign in to your My Rotary account
• At the top hover over Learning and Reference
• On the left you will see “Learning by Role”
• Click on “Club Roles”
• Here you will be able to see the duties of club presidents, secretaries, treasurers, and committee chairs.
• Go back to the home page and hover over “News and Media”
• On the far right there is a list of resources you can use to produce Rotary information for your club. Have a look at it.
• Back on the home page hover over “Manage.” Here is the Brand Center that will help you if you want to use the Rotary Logo. There are rules that govern the use of the logo.
• Hover over “Manage” on the left you will see “Club and District Administration”.
• Click on “Rotary Club Central” Here you will find a lot of information about membership for our club.
• In Rotary club Central click on the menu icon and then click on the “Goal Center”.
Hope this helps.
As Rotary members, we use our connections to create lasting change in our communities and around the world. And although we’ve all faced the challenges of the pandemic for the past year and a half, we’ve continued to take action, solve problems, and make a positive impact.
We are optimistic that we can gather in person to explore new opportunities for friendship and service at the 2022 Rotary International Convention, 4-8 June in Houston, Texas, USA. We invite you to join us!
At the convention, you will:
• Develop new friendships and strengthen old ones
• Share your Rotary experiences and learn more ways to get involved
• Find inspiration in the family of Rotary
Register now to take advantage of our reduced rate, available until 15 December. You’ll be able to cancel for a full refund, minus a $50 per person administration fee, until 30 April.
Don’t miss this chance to strengthen your passion for Rotary.
Visit for more information. 
Please share your club’s stories by the 5th of the month for inclusion in the next monthly bulletin 
Great progress on the tailoring workshop in Barut courtesy of Canton Rotary Club and Inua Development.
First phase of this project will be production of washable facemasks to be donated to local schools then scale it up into a training and production workshop for school uniforms and shoes in an effort to support local women with tailoring skills as well as jobs to earn an income and reduce the poverty level. Our target for enrolment will be vulnerable women and youths.
Our club recognized these Paul Harris Fellows in January.
Not pictured is Darrel Wright PH+3
Join us for this annual fun event. Snow golf, silent auction, reverse raffle, food and drink.
Support appreciated via sponsorships and auction donations.
The club initiated a new Perry community service program called Operation Clean Sweep. We have partnered with SARTA and Aqua Ohio and have place 20 devalued trash containers on Lincolnway Ave in Perry at every bus stop bench to cut down on litter. They will likely venture out in April to do a mass litter pickup day also. This will fulfill a one-day service project that DG Wilder has addressed.
Are you feeling lucky?
Join the Rotary Club of Plain Township for "Let the Good Times Roll" Casino Night and Auction  
Saturday, February 12, 2022, at La Pizzeria.
This year we will be raising money for three worthy non-profits: • Whole Latte Love Café Inc. • Domestic Violence Project Inc • Aunt Susie’s Cancer Wellness Center for Women Inc.
Tickets: $60 per person. Includes One Casino Game Play, appetizers and desserts, Professional Casino Games, Silent & Chance Auction, Raffles, 50/50, Wine Pull, Cash Bar and more!
Professional Casino Games: Blackjack, Poker, Roulette Wheel, Three Card Poker, Texas Hold Em’, Craps Table and Let It Ride Casino game earnings “funny money” will be exchanged for chance prizes worth at least $50. (No cash payouts.)
Purchase tickets online at (small fee for credit card processing) or from any Plain Township Rotarian.
Compassion Delivered was presented with a $2500 check. Accepting on behalf of the organization were: Todd Tolson (left) and Daniel Anschutz. Compassion Delivered prepares and delivers meals to anyone living with a documented life-threatening illness in Stark County. For more information on how to help or if you know someone in need of meals, please visit: compassion
The Poland Rotary will be holding their annual Chili Open event on February 26th at Bedford Trails Golf Course.  The event will feature prizes for closest to the pin, a hole-in-one contest and putting contest.  We also added the Chili Plunge to the events where guests get the opportunity to run through the golf course's lake!  All money raised at the event will be donated to local charities. For more information, contact Andrew Grischow at 330-509-1506.
The Salem Club’s Rotaract group is held at the Columbiana County Career & Technical Center and has 62 active members.  The members of the club are all enrolled in nursing programs.  This holiday season, the club collected non-perishable food items for the local food banks and participated in the club’s annual “Create a Smile” by sponsoring 5 children in need.  They are gearing up for an international project next, a Sole Hope Shoe making day.  They will be using denim to cut patterns for shoes for children in Uganda.  Kelly Darney, the club Rotaract liaison, is the Ohio Advocate for the Sole Hope program and will go to other clubs to talk about the shoes and assist with a shoe making day. 
On January 29th, 2022, Rotary Club of Youngstown hosted the 4th annual Groundhog Beer Fest. Over $30,000 was raised from this event! The funds are dispersed throughout the year to local organizations such as YWCA or the Boys and Girls Club. Thank you to everyone who came to the Groundhog Beer Fest this year!
The Warren Club is having their annual event on March 6th...Slice of the Valley.


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