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       April 2021 Bulletin

Volume 1 | Issue 10


April is Maternal and Child Health Month
This month I would like to highlight a group of people who have had a really hard year. I have visited many clubs on Zoom. I have visited clubs in outdoor pavilions. I have helped with projects because that was the only way the club was meeting. I have met with clubs that were having meetings in person and on Zoom at the same time. In addition, clubs have had to change their fundraising efforts in a myriad of ways. This has all happened in a year when the need in our communities is greater than ever. As always, Rotary Clubs around the district have answered the call.
The responsibility for most of this falls on club presidents. The 2020-2021 Club Presidents have been the backbone of this District throughout the pandemic. They have pivoted and take long shots more often than a championship basketball team. They have had to make alternate plans for meeting times and places. They have had to learn new skills in technology so that clubs can have Zoom meetings or have a in person meetings with Zoom capacity. They have had to find programs. They have had to find new ways of raising funds. They have had to spend endless hours in Zoom meetings with District leaders. No matter what we ask of them, they prove that Rotarians will adapt to anything as long as they have the opportunity to serve.
I am so very proud of the 2020-2021 Club Presidents that I want to salute them as Unsung Heroes. If you get the chance, give your club president a pat on the back, a tip of the hat, or round of applause. They deserve a big Rotary “thank you” from the District as well as their clubs.
District Rotary Foundation
I will soon be sending an email to Club Presidents, Presidents-elect, and Foundation Chairs with information about upcoming 2021-22 Local Foundation Grants. This current year, 30 Rotary Clubs in our District shared $ 51,750.00 providing funds for their communities (see below).
New Local Foundation Grant requests must be made by May 15th. Available funds are based on donations to Rotary Share three years ago and are split between the World Fund and our District providing Global and Local Grants. Please contact me for more information.
2021-22 Local Grant applications are due by May 15th (
2020-21 Final Local Grant reports are due by June 15th (
More Support for Education in Vietnam --
A few years ago, our District supported a Rotary Global Grant to provide a classroom-based library for elementary schools in Cam Lo, Quang Tri, Vietnam, under the oversight of PDG Sieglinde Warren and PDG Nguyen Do of D6600.
With that success, this past year Sieglinde and Do expanded the program to Trieu Phong District, QuangTri Province, Vietnam, with a target of 4131 children at 1st to 3rd grade levels, 2722 children at 4th to 5th grade levels, and 380 education managers, teachers, and librarians.
Now, the District Rotary Foundation Board has agreed to support a new Rotary Global Grant project in Gio Linh district, Quang Tri Province, which will target of 2399 children at 4th and 5th grade levels this year and 3971 children at 1st to 3rd grade levels next year along with approximately 362 education managers, teachers, and librarians.
In rural areas of Vietnam, parents don’t have enough money to feed their children and pay for education, so it is rare to spend money on books. The funding provided to schools does not allow purchase of books for the students. The book is absolutely precious things for children.
These class-room libraries:
  • create a reading environment: children will be encouraged to read more if they have daily access to meaningful and interesting books.
  • enrich the curriculum: having a wide range of non-textbooks in the classroom encourages teachers to incorporate diverse fiction and nonfiction books into their teaching.
  • reinforce language acquisition: classroom library provide a vast resource for diverse activities that reinforce language acquisition.
  • encourage independent reading: having books readily available in the classroom supports independent reading, personal exploration.
  • increase vocabulary: by reading a variety of texts, students’ vocabulary increases, which improve reading comprehension.
  • allow students to interact with books: a classroom library functions as a gathering place for students to meet and talk about their reactions to books with each other and teachers. These exchanges encourage comprehension and critical thinking.
Thank you Sieglinde for helping our District to make difference in the world.

Have an idea for a Rotary Global Grant?  Please contact Dr. Peter Apicella, DRFC (, or Dr. Meena Patel ( The District has funds available, and we would love to provide guidance.
PROJECT 2020-21
 Habitat for Humanity Support
Homeless Veterans Program - bus passes & food
Challenge Baseball for Disabled
Canfield Middle School Special Needs Pantry
Pack the Bus Food & Clothing for Kids
Canton South
Cross-eyed Mission Cuba
Lakeview Food Pantry
Dennison Gazebo Restoration
East Canton
US Consitution Education for 4th Graders
East Liverpool
Trees - Downtown E Liverpool Improvement
School Food Pantry Support
Howland Twp
Community Food Pantry Support
Hubbard High School Scholarship
Jackson Township
High School Scholarships
Support for Local Food Pantry
Louisville Schools - Feeding Students
United Way - Community Rent Assistance - COVID-19
Inventory Software Minerva Historical Society
Dictionary Project
North Canton
Vocational Training Café for Impaired
Startzman Clinic Patient Health Monitors
Perry Twp
Assist Food Pantry
Plain Township
Picnic Shelter for Glenwood Park
Flags for Our Community
Third Grade Dictionary Project
Health & Wellness Educational Seminar for Community
Public Park Golf Course Update
Dictionary Project
Wooster High School Scholarship Program
Food & Hospitality for Underserved in Youngstown
Peter L. Apicella, M.D., District Rotary Foundation Chair, 330-207-0500 (cell)


District 6650 Four Way Speech Competition - April 10, 2021
  • April 10, 2021: District Four Way Test Competition 
    • Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
*Due to COVID-19, the District Four Way Test Competition will be a virtual event.
Please review the current list of participants who have submitted their information for the District Four Way Test Competition.  If your club will be participating in this event and you are not on this list, please contact Sandi Lang immediately so the Zoom link to the virtual competition can be forwarded to you.
District 6650 Club Events
Register Now!  2020-21 Rotary International Convention
Happy April fellow 6650 Rotarians!
The 2021 Virtual Convention will open innovative opportunities to learn and to engage with the family of Rotary, all around the world from the comfort of your own home.
The Convention is scheduled for June 12 – 16, 2021. You will be able to connect virtually with other Rotarians from around the world. The Convention will feature live discussions with Rotary leaders and other notable speakers. Join us virtually to explore how our digital network makes our global relationships more powerful.
Pre-Registration will begin in mid-April with a promotional fee of only $49. After that, it will be $65.
Together, we’ll inspire action, strengthen our commitments, work on our challenges, and celebrate our successes.
I hope to “see” you at the Convention!
Yours in Rotary,
Michelle Charles, DGN
6650 Rotary Convention Chair
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