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         August 2018 Bulletin
Volume 1 |  Issue 2                                  September is Basic Education and Literacy Month
District Governor's Corner
Governor’s Column (August 2018)
 Dear Rotarians:
In the fall of 1995, one of my colleagues who was intending to leave the Rotary Club of Youngstown asked if I might consider joining the club as my employer, Butler, Wick & Co, Inc. had a member in Rotary for decades prior.  As an eager new employee looking to grow my business, I jumped at the chance, even while I didn't fully know what Rotary was all about.  What an important decision joining Rotary has been in my life!  I visited a club meeting and essentially continued to attend weekly until my induction in November 1995, and nearly every Wednesday thereafter.  I'll soon be celebrating 23 years in Rotary (now half of my life!)  
August is Membership Extention Month.  When was the last time you invited someone to join our wonderful organization?  How can you extend your own enthusiasm for the work of Rotary this year?  To that end, we soon will be focusing our efforts on membership in the district.  On September 8 at our Fall Assembly, we will have a session on membership that will include some new ideas of how we might expand membership in our 46 clubs.  And, we are very fortunate to be selected by Rotary Interanational to host, along with Districts 6600 and 6630, a Tri-District membership summit on the afternoon of Sunday, October 21, with Haris Sofradzija from Rotary International. 
We currently have 1,805 Rotarians in District 6650.  Wouldn't it be great to get that number over 2,000?   I'm excited about how we can "Be the Inspiration" this year to our communities in the 10 counties of District 6650 and I know we can do it.  Won't you join me in inviting others to become Rotarians?
DG Scott

Upcoming Events

District Rotarians have indicated they would like to be aware of Rotary activities throughout the District in order to be supportive.  This is your chance to let everyone know about your upcoming events/projects.  Please submit your information to Lauri at or 330-452-2882.

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District 6650 Clubs - Be The Inspiration
District Governor Scott's Club Visits
Inbound Youth Exchange Orientation
Charter Ceremony for Rotary Club of Green
DG Scott and PDG Charlie Lang
Division 1A Club Presidents
Rotary Club of Canton Officers and PDGs
Rotary Club of Cortland's Golf Outing
Rotary Club of Girard Liberty
Indians Night
Rotary Club of Kinsman's Visit
Rotary Club of Steubenville Visit
Rotary Club of Newcomerstown Visit
District Rotary Foundation
For the past few years, I have created a video to display at each club in November. Please reserve 10 minutes at a meeting to show the inspiring video of local and global projects of The Rotary Foundation. This year’s video will highlight the Military Family Center. Envelopes will be provided for donations to The Foundation, and a donor will have a chance to win a Paul Harris Fellow recognition for themselves or another. You can view past videos with Tim and Anna here:
October 24 is World Polio Day which was established by Rotary International over a decade ago to commemorate the birth of Jonas Salk, who led the first team to develop a vaccine against the poliomyelitis virus. We have come such a long way toward eradication of this devastating disease. Check out: for ideas to celebrate and raise awareness for your clubs. Consider donations which I will process if you forward to me or you can utilize the form at this link:
The Cliff Dochterman Award
            Cliff Dochterman was our 1992 - 1993 R.I. president when his theme was “Real Happiness is Helping Others” (Do a Good Turn Daily??).  He was a delightful speaker, enjoyed by the many Rotarians he addressed.  If you haven’t seen his video entitled “If I Could Be Club President Again”, ask your club president to show it.  For those of you who are, have been or will be club presidents, it is an enjoyable presentation.  Cliff also authored the very informative booklet, “The ABCs of Rotary”, an excellent primer to share with new members and spouses of Rotarians.  He followed that by publishing “As I Was Saying”, a collection of twenty-three of his favorite speeches.
            Cliff was born in Cridersville, Ohio, a town of fewer than 2,000 residents in western Ohio between Lima and Wapakoneta.  Ironically, Cridersville has a Lion’s Club but no Rotary club.        
            He was graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1947 which later bestowed upon him an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities degree in an impressive ceremony which some of us Ohio Rotarians were able to attend, and later its Distinguished Achievement Citation.  He attended law school and was also graduated from the University of California at Berkley and has honorary degrees from the College of Idaho and Heidelberg University.  He worked in the administrative offices of the University of California and the University of the Pacific.                                                   
            He has received numerous civic, Scouting and Rotary awards.  As a Rotarian, he served on virtually every committee.  He, like so many Rotarians, had a plethora of interests, achievements and accomplishments, one of which was Scouting.  In 1939, he became America’s youngest Eagle Scout at age 13.  His son also later became an Eagle Scout (as did my son).  He later became president of California’s Forty-niner Council, Assistant Chief and Camp Chief of the 1977 and 1981 National Jamborees.  His Scouting recognition includes the Silver Beaver, Silver Antelope and Distinguished Eagle Scout awards.  Of course, he is a member of the International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians (IFSR), receiving its Silver Wheel award in 2003.                           
            In recognition of Cliff’s dedication to Rotary and to Scouting, IFSR established the Cliff Dochterman award and Cliff became its first recipient.  With the award comes a medal embossed with the IFSR logo hung from a gold and blue ribbon as well as an available square knot (the BSA community service knot) that can be worn on a Scout uniform.
16 Rotarians in District 6650 representing 9 different clubs have received the award.  Notable historical recipients include Past IFSR Chair David Judge as #2, R.I. president Bhichai Rattakul as #3, R.I. president John Kenny as #4 and Past President Richard D. King as #5.                              
            I encourage Rotarians to nominate worthy members for this award.  It is a relatively simple process.  For more information, forms and requirements, go to the IFSR website, or contact IFSR Executive Secretary, P.O. Box 19982, San Diego, CA 92159-0982, E-mail:                                                                                                                              
            It is clear that Cliff left his campsite better than he found it.
                                                                                                                            PDG Dallas Woodall
A New Rotary Youth Exchange Year
The District 6650 Youth Exchange Committee is pleased to welcome 16 students to our clubs for the 2018-19 school year. And we are excited for the extraordinary experiences our sponsored Outbound students will get in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Italy, Norway, and Spain. A heartfelt "Thank You" to all Host Clubs in the district - Alliance, Boardman, Canfield, Champion, Dover, East Palestine, Jackson Township, Louisville, Massillon, Millersburg, Minerva, North Canton, Salem, Wooster, and Youngstown - and our many host families without whom District 6650's participation in this bedrock Rotary program would not be possible.
The Inbound students gathered with District 6650 leaders and Boardman Rotarians at Camp Stambaugh for a day in August full of information and fun, team-building activities. We are fortunate to host a wonderful collection of students - and encourage you to get to know them! We look ahead to reconvening all Inbounds in late September when the Sugarcreek Club welcomes our students for an overnighter.
Now is also a busy time as we begin to hear from students interested in applying to become an Outbound exchange student for the 2019-20 school year.
And where, you might ask, do many students in our district hometowns learn of Rotary Youth Exchange? The answer is "you and your club." Rotary Youth Exchange is life-changing and provides unique experiences that few outside of participating are able to achieve in a lifetime. If you know of a student who would benefit and who is interested in a year abroad - learning a new language and immersed in a foreign culture - please put that student's family in contact with your Rotary club's Youth Exchange Committee or with District Co-Chairs Bill Wood ( and Brent Rice (
Operation Warm 2018 Time Line
JULY      Develop club theme, goals, target recipients, fundraising                   methods, identify Club liaison
AUG.      Campaign Kick-Off and Fundraising begins; determine                      distribution dates and location(s)
SEPT.     Fundraising continues; begin determining sizes needed                     based on target demographics
OCT.        Order coats; begin to plan distribution date events and                      timelines
NOV.        Coat distribution activities concluded prior to or right                         after Thanksgiving
DEC.         Wrap up; what went well, what can be done better;                             initial planning for 2019 Campaign 
Suggested donation request: $20 per coat**
**This is based on combining your Club order with all District 6650 Rotary Club orders to ensure lowest price and maximum flexibility in quantities and sizes needed.
The Operation Warm program will be presented (briefly) at the September 8th. Fall Assembly.
Contact:  PDG Debbie Esbenshade @ (330) 259-1029 or (330) 727-6315 for additional information.  
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