Posted by Meena Patel
Our DRFC Peter Apicella has been working very hard and going at length to educate our district about what TRF is, through his amazing videos. As a Community Service Chair and past DRFC my advice to everyone is, “If we give money to the Foundation, we need to use that money to make the difference through our projects not only in far of countries but in our communities as well.
I am sure you are aware of 3 piggy banks,      as PDG Dave Ewing used to explain:
1. Annual Programs Fund Bank: Serving our need of today.
2. Permanent Fund Bank: To serve our needs of the future.
3. Designated Donations Bank: For money given to the Rotary Foundation for specific purpose like Polio eradication, and to the Global grants.
If you study the attachment of TRF Annual Giving you will notice the following:
1. Out of $ 100K donation, district gets back $50K.
2. Up to 50% of the DDF can be used for District grant, amounting to $25K in this example.
3. This means that if we do only District grants, we are not using 75% of our donations.  (25% (the other half of our DDF and 50% that goes into the world fund).
4. If we do Global grants we can use all that 75% of our donation. (25% of remaining DDF and 50% of world fund as well, in terms of TRF match. And another added advantage is our International partner is also adding its cash as well as DDF towards that project.
This is a great example of giving $100K to annual programs fund and using not only all of it (100%), but more than that, as it adds the contribution from our International partners to undertake several great humanitarian projects in our communities.
Two examples:
Establishing Military Family Center: total cost $113,000.00, out of which Indian Rotary contribution $20,000.00 and World Fund match $50,000.00.
Providing Educational Materials to GiGi’s Playhouse in Canton: Total cost $46,000.00, out of which $8,500.00 was from India Rotary and $18,000.00 was from the world fund.
Final thoughts on: Better ways to serve our communities is to contribute to the Rotary Foundation and learn the ways to use that money.
You get more than you give.                                                                                                                                       
Smart way to use our foundation funds is to do both, the District Grants and The Global Grants. 
Use more money in the project than the donations to the Rotary Foundation.                  
Community Service and The Rotary Foundation must work together.
We are better together when we serve together.
Happy Holidays,
Meena Patel