From the very start of our Journey together this year I have emphasized that there is nothing more important than each one of you. We must prioritize our life along the lines of our religion, our family, our occupations, and then Rotary. Almost everything in our lives has been impacted by the COVID 19 virus. It might appear that even Rotary has shut down. Yes, we have canceled many events and service projects and most physical meetings. This pandemic moved so fast that we only had time to react instead of plan.
As leaders, I am so proud of how you remained calm and acted so responsibly. We are not down and out, we are still communicating, exchanging ideas and taking action. Think of all the Past District Governors in our District, all the current and past Assistant District Governors, current and past Presidents and your District’s current leadership team. You are all Ambassadors for the Rotarians in D6650. I am asking each of you and each Rotarian to set up a contact program in each of your Clubs. Remember Rotary Connects the World? Whenever hard times come, Rotarians unite, take action and extend kindness. I know we will have Rotarians who have lost their jobs and as a result may feel they have to drop out of Rotary. Now is the time to take care of our family. Possibly collect funds to help our fellow Rotarians. By staying in contact, we will know who needs our help. How rewarding it is to help someone in our own Rotary family.
April is Maternal and Child Health month. This is one of our areas of focus. Our goal is to save Mothers and Children. We provide education, immunizations, birth kits and mobile health clinics. Approximately 5.9 million children under the age of 5 die each year due to malnutrition poor sanitation and health care. When we think about the struggles, we are having with this pandemic with good health care, you can only imagine the outcome in underdeveloped regions.
Please connect virtually, using email, using your phone, using cards or any handwritten note, using your computer, using Tweeter, using Facebook or using Linked-in. PLEASE just stay in touch with those you care about.
Be safe and stay at home as much as possible,