Posted by Linda Henderson
Happy 2021! What a wonderful year 2021 will be! Every year begins this way, full of hope and ready for more and better than last year. If you remember 2020 began this way. This time last year I was packing for International Assembly and preparing for an active year as District Governor. Many of you were attending Pre Pets and getting ready to lead your club in a great year. Events, fund raisers, meetings, and projects were being planned. We were all looking to the future until it all came crashing down the second week of March. Since then nothing has been the same. We talk about the “new normal,” but in truth there is nothing normal about the “new normal”.
If 2020 was anything it was a learning experience. We learned skills that we will continue to use even after the pandemic. We learned to use our time better by using Zoom to meet across the district. We can meet for a half hour or forty-five minutes and skip the 2 hours on the road just to get to the meeting. How cool is it that we can have speakers from all over the country do live programs and even answer questions. We can connect all of our members even if they can’t leave their desks at lunch time, even if they are not able to leave home due to age or illness, or even if they winter in Florida.
I urge all Rotarians to make 2021 the best year ever. The vaccines are out there and hopefully in a few months we will be able to reconnect and get back to our old normal. We have missed being together. We have recharged our energy and are ready to expand Rotary’s mission. Use all your resources, new and old. Make plans, open your hearts, spread your wings and fly. It is a new year and it will be a great one for Rotarians everywhere.