Local Grants UPDATE –
  • Current year’s grant reports are due June 15, 2017:  Final grant reports are now do. Upcoming grants will not be released until the report is completed and received by Dr. Apicella. Please complete the information at http://rotary6650.org/FinalReport.pdf  
The Military Family Center
Rotary Global Grant Districts 6650 (Northeast Ohio) and 3131 & 3132 (India)
A Collaborative Effort between District 6650, Pegasus Farm & Walsh University
The Background: The idea of Rotarians from District 6650 serving veterans and their families originated from a Jackson Township Rotarian at the Field of Heroes in Jackson Township on Memorial Day 2012. As Taps was being played and a flag previously flown over Afghanistan was waving against the fleeting light of sunset, this Rotarian knew that Rotary could find a way to make a difference.
With that inspiration, the Rotary club of Jackson Township began a project called, “Serving Families of the Fallen,” to assist families that had lost their loved ones in combat (Gold Star Families). One Gold Star father told the group about the ability of horses to heal the physical and emotional wounds of war. It has been shown that equine therapy provides a holistic approach to the physical, occupational, and emotional needs of those dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).