At the Rotary meeting held on January 7, 2020, Dr. Peter Apicella, Salem Rotary Foundation District Chairman, awarded Paul Harris Awards to 16 club Rotarians for their generous donations to the Rotary Foundation as part of our Paul Harris Fellow Challenge.
Pictured front l to r: Dr Peter Apicella – Major Donor Level II, Meta Cramer – 2nd Paul Harris, Kathy Hendricks – 3rd Paul Harris, Alma Apicella – 6th Paul Harris, Barb Loudon – 7th Paul Harris
Back row L to R: Williams Dawes – Paul Harris 1 and 2, Ken Banet – 1st Paul Harris, Matt Bender – 3rd Paul Harris, Lorrie Lippiat – 3rdPaul Harris, Dan Moore – 4th Paul Harris, Susan Frenger – 3rd Paul Harris, Sal Apicella – 4th Paul Harris and Frank Zamarelli – 5th Paul Harris.
Missing from the photo is: Barb Stamp – 4th Paul Harris and Dave Brobeck – 3rd Paul Harris
First PHF - Ken Banet - William Dawes
Second PHF - William Dawes - Meta Cramer
Third PHF - Amanda Jackson - Kathy Hendricks - Susan Frenger - Matt Bender - Lorrie Lippiatt - Dave Brobeck
Fourth PHF - Dan Moore - Barbara Stamp - Salvatore Apicella
Fifth PHF - Frank Zamarelli
Sixth PHF  - Alma Apicella
Seventh PHF - Barbara Loudon
Major Donor Level II - Peter Apicella, M.D.