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August is Membership and New Club Development Month
District Governor's Corner
Governor’s Column (July 2019)
Almost all months have a theme and July is the Transition Month. We are transitioning from the tremendous success of PDG Scott Schulick, his Leadership Team, AG’s, Chairs, Committee Members, Presidents and Fellow Rotarians. Thank you for all of your hard work and accomplishments. We plan to start where the District finished and continue the progress made last year. If we continue to focus on Fellowship, Leadership, Integrity, Diversity and Service above self, we too will have an amazing year.
We hope to make this bulletin fun to read and visually enjoyable. Please send Lauri funny pictures of your Club Officers or Fellow Rotarians. We also would appreciate photos of your service projects. Please let Lauri, DGE Linda, DGN Steve or I know about yours and your fellow Rotarians life events. We would like to know about any special awards or recognitions earned or given to Rotarians, or special events as: 50-year anniversaries and, babies. Please also let us know about fellow Rotarians that passed away.
This year our Presidents Elect and their clubs worked on a service project called My Very Own Blanket. There are over 17000 foster children in Ohio from 0 to age 18. Many of these children are taken from their home with only the clothes on their backs. To be given a blanket with their name and a Rotary label attached, is a moment they may never forget. It is a gift they can wrap themselves up in a find the warmth they may be missing in life. I would not be surprised that many will keep their blanket their entire life. Such an amazing gift and each one only cost $10.00. I am so proud and grateful for your hard work. District 6650 actually won a beautiful trophy for achieving first place among 5 Districts for the number of blankets submitted. Thank each and every club and family member who spent so much time making these blankets.
District Trainers Greg Blasiman and Jim Ondrus are working hard on our One Rotary Summit Fall Assembly. Last year we had over 100 in attendance. It was an action-packed day and enjoyed by all. We will meet this year on September 14th from 9 to 12 at Courtney’s Banquet Center in Alliance. A continental breakfast will be available. Please let Jim, Greg, Lauri, DGE Linda, DGN Steve or myself know about any training you or your club would like this year. We are so fortunate to have so many Rotarians in the District who are willing to help you with your requests.
Vicky and I have been blessed to have been invited to a number of events so far. We really enjoy the time we share with fellow Rotarians.  I want to give you a heart warm thank you for attending the Awards and Installation program. I really enjoyed talking with you and your partners/spouses. For the past 29 years I have shared with my family about the kind hearts and endless willingness to serve by our fellow Rotarians and good friends. It was really a joy to have my family share the evening with all of you.
I have started my visits and have enjoyed them far more than can be imagined. If your club has not called, or emailed me with possible dates for my visit, please do so. I would like to end this brief message with a reminder that August is Membership and New Club Development Month. We have many people eager to help you with your goals of membership and new club development. Just drop me a line and we will do our best to assist.
I am so excited to watch each of your clubs as they assist in “Rotary Connects the World”.

Dan Morgan
DG 2019/20

Upcoming Events

District Rotarians, this is your chance to let everyone know about your upcoming events/projects.  Please submit your information to Lauri at: or 330-452-2882.

This calendar is there for you.  It is easy to add your event.
If you have administrative access to your website, please follow these directions.  If you do not have administrative access, contact Lauri at or at 330-452-2882.
On the website:
  • Go to Administration
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  • Go to Event Planner
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District 6650 - Rotary Connects The World
Our thoughts and prayers are extended to John and Bonnie Davis for the loss of John's mother on July 26, 2019.
District Awards and Governor's Installation Dinner
On Thursday, July 11th, 153 Rotarians and guests gathered together for the District Awards and Governor's Installation Dinner which was held in Alliance at The Courtney's Banquet Center.
In honor of Past Rotary International President, Barry Rassin, the attendees dressed in flamingo color and beach attire.  
Our District was pleased to have Rotary International Directors Floyd Lancia and Stephanie Urchick as our guests for the evening.
The following awards were presented at this event:
  • Avenue Service Award - William Sweeney from the Boardman Club;
  • Rotary Regional Service Award for Polio Free World: PDG Geoff Goll from the Salem Club;
  • Rotary Foundation District Service Award: Dr. Peter Apicella from the Salem Club;
  • Outstanding Community Service Award - The Canal Fulton Rotary Club for their hard work, commitment and generosity in helping to make the dream of a Canal Fulton YMCA come true;
  • Don and Carol Schalmo from Canal Fulton Rotary received Paul Harris Fellow Award for their kindness and generosity in support of the Canal Fulton YMCA;
  • The Roland Luhman Community Avenue Award - The Canton Rotary Club for their Health Screen and Wellness project;
  • The Bill Elliott International Avenue Award - The Rotary Clubs of Plain Twp. and The Rotary Club of Salem for their STEM Learning Center in India project;
  • The Bryce Kendall Club Avenue Award - The Rotary Club of Youngstown for their Inaugural Beerfest;
  • The Jack Maxwell Bulletin Award - The Rotary Club of Minerva for their weekly bulletin;
  • The Jack Vogel Public Relations Award - The Rotary Club of Youngstown for their Women in Rotary Social Media Presentation;
  • Special Achievement Recognition - The Rotary Club of Boardman for their Outstanding Community Event.
  • Shannon Tirone from the Boardman Rotary Club was presented with a PHF +2 pin.
Regional Service Award for Goll
Past District Governor, Geoff Goll has been awarded the prestigious Regional Service Award for a Polio-Free World.  This year 55 dedicated Rotarians were selected from the world, divided into seven regions.  Geoff, a dedicated Rotarian since 1974, has not only been working for Polio Eradication as Zone Chairman for Polio Plus, he is also a polio survivor and participated in Jonas Salk’s trials to produce the first polio vaccine.  
The award acknowledges active personal service in relation to the eradication phase of Rotary’s efforts. As such, it applies only to service which has occurred since November 1, 1992.  Regional awards, for outstanding service solely or primarily within a World Health Organization (WHO) region, will be made annually, not to exceed 60/year. The Salem Club is proud to have one of our members receive such a prestigious awards.
Rotary has been committed to the eradication of polio since April of 1996.  This is an ongoing project. Internationally, Rotary is committed to raising 50 Million Dollars per year over the next three years in support of global polio eradication efforts.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will continue with their match of $2 for every $1 raised by Rotary worldwide.
Funds help to provide much needed operational support, medical personnel, laboratory equipment and educational materials for health workers and parents.    
While Polio has been eradicated in most of the world and has not been seen in the US since the 1950s. It is still an ongoing problem in many parts of the world and Rotary is dedicated to seeing this dreadful disease eradicated.
The award was presented by Rotary International Director Stephanie Urchick, District Governor Scott Schulick and Past District Governor George W. S . Hays at a dinner held in Alliance on Thursday, July 11, 2019.
A Message from Rotary District 6650 Youth Exchange Committee…
On Saturday, July 27 the D6650 Youth Exchange Committee welcomed Rebound students who have just recently returned from their year abroad. We encourage clubs who sponsored one or more students to invite those Rebounds to give your club a program about a year of life on exchange.
At the same event we bade farewell to the nine Outbound students who will depart for their host countries in the coming weeks. Outbound students are on their way to Argentina; Belgium; Chile; Italy; Japan; and Switzerland for the 2019-2020 exchange year.
In the coming weeks Rotary clubs around D6650 will also be welcoming Inbound students from ten countries. 2019-2020 host clubs are Boardman, Canfield, Champion, East Canton, Jackson Township, Louisville, Minerva, North Canton, Orrville, Salem, and Wooster. A special thank you goes out to all of the host families past and future without whom Rotary Youth Exchange would not be possible; and to our partner school districts that provide supportive educational environments and venues to build better friendships.
Camp Stambaugh in Canfield on Saturday, August 17 will be the first place the Youth Exchange Committee gathers and welcomes Inbound students for orientation, training, and an opportunity to build friendships with their peers on exchange. We look forward to getting to know these Inbound students and to have them welcomed by clubs throughout D6650.
The Community Service: Rotary’s Crown Jewel                   By: Dr. Meena Patel
Rotary’s crown jewel has been The Community Service since 1907, and yet 100 years later this avenue of service hardly gets highlighted to the extent it deserves to be! When first Rotary Club of Chicago was established in 1905, the club printed a brochure to promote its objectives to get more members to join the club, the brochure read:     
First Objective: Promotion of business interests of its members, and         
Second Objective: Promotion of good fellowship and other Desiderata ordinarily incident to other social clubs.
Mr. Frederick Tweed was the club member of Chicago club since 1905 with a classification, “Glass Ornament Manufacturer”. He was trying to get his Patent Attorney Don Carter to join the club, and of course gave him the brochure to attract him to join the club.
Don read through the objectives but was not impressed. He sneered, “D-e-s-i-d-e-r-a-t-a? This is a classic word in lawyer’s dictionary. The two objectives are Too Insular Motives for me to join the club”. He also said, “Such a club has great possibility if it could Do Something of Some Benefit to at least Some People besides its own members”.
Club members loved the idea, Don Carter, a patent attorney joined the club and within a month added third objective to the brochure:
                                                                                                                 Third: The advancement of the best interest of Chicago and spreading the spirit of civic pride and loyalty among its citizens.
This was the birth of The Community Service of Rotary, and the concept of serving the community became crown jewel of Rotary since 1907. The members were extremely excited about it and it certainly helped improve the membership and the spread of Rotary.
The first act of generosity by Chicago club took place in 1907. One club member told the story of a preacher whom he knew, who lived 30 miles from Chicago and had lost his horse. Being unable to purchase a new one he could not make his rounds of the country churches. Club voted unanimously and donated money to the preacher to buy a new horse. The club members were thrilled with their generous act.
In the same year, in one business meeting Paul Harris became aware of a discussions that Public Comfort Stations are very much in need. In early 1900s women had to use toilet facilities at the department stores and men used rest rooms in taverns. They would offer some money for the use of these toilets. Paul was convinced that public comfort stations are very much in need, and he went to work. Members were excited of the opportunity to undertake another act of generosity but formidable opposition came from Chicago Association of Brewers as well as that of department stores. The battle went on for 2 years. Influential members of the club had to get the support from other organization in town, one member won $ 20,000.00 worth grant to construct the comfort stations. These rest rooms served the men and women of Chicago for decades to come.
We Rotarians of district 6650, which was district 7 in years 1900s, that encompassed whole of Ohio, should be very proud of our community service projects in the past as well as at present. And we still have the responsibility to pass on a healthy district in the hands of future younger Rotarians.
Every Rotary member is important as he/she brings strength to the club. Strength with more hands to work, more brains to get new ideas and more resources from their expertise! More exciting Community Service projects, better will be the membership.
True community service for Japanese and International service for District 6650
By: Dr. Meena Patel
Tsunami waves destroyed large part of Fukushima region of Japan along with its nuclear plant.

Our district was one of the 2 0r 3 districts from USA helped within a month by doing Matching grant of $ 60,000.

We partnered with 2 neighboring district of Fukushima in Japan.

Our district and 2 Japanese districts contributed $ 10K of DDF of each which was matched by $30K from Rotary Foundation's World Fund.

The total grant was for $ 60,000 which helped Japanese Rotarians to supply relief materials to the thousands who were living in make believe large tents.

Japanese Rotarians and communities were SO GRATEFUL!

See the large trucks carrying relief materials, blankets, pillows, canned soups and canned rice.
International Service R.I. District 6650
By: Dr. Meena Patel
We are part of Rotary International, committed to serve the communities and help our Rotary friends in other parts of the world who are unable to undertake the project due to inadequate funds or expertise and sources. To be their partner in service is an important obligation, and we might make it a pleasant one as capable partners in this part of the world.
In the past most of the humanitarian work done in the so call developing countries or underprivileged parts of the world needed more support from the Rotary Foundation. But things changed with globalization and advance in information technology, so that The Rotary Foundation could make some adjustments and any part of the Rotary world can undertake a project with support from the foundation including USA.
Most important thing to succeed is to have good Rotary partners on both sides of the isle. The Rotary Foundation is a good vehicle of support, and in addition to this support, it safeguards the money of the Rotarians going towards these projects. After all DDF as well as World fund is our contributions. Foundation trustees see to it that, that contribution is used wisely and gets us best returns in terms of Humanitarian service.
With changing structure of the Rotary Foundation we can undertake larger International projects in our communities.
Establishing Military Family Center in Louisville is one recent example.
The Rotary club of Plain Twp is undertaking another large project in Canton to supply educational and therapy materials to GiGi’s Playhouse, that works with the Down’s syndrome children and their families from their birth till they become independent adults assimilating in our communities with some economic independence. The Rotarians from India in district 3131 are our partners in service. Soon the grant will be accepted by the Rotary Foundation.
Pictures of International Projects
Our district providing Clean water to schools in India
Wooster Rotarian handing over school uniforms to the girls in Kenya
Rotarians in Lima ready to distribute water filters to the people for their individual homes
R.C. of North Canton International project
Vocational school for mentally and physically challenged youth.
The girl is sowing paper bags from Newspaper as plastic bags are not allowed to be used.
International project of Dover club.
Wooster Rotarian working with school kids in Kenya to make sweet dish.
Indian Rotarian trying to cheer a child with cancer. Our district was on board.
Save the Date
Re-chartering of the Lake Township Rotary Club
The re-chartering of the Lake Township Rotary Club, formerly Lake/Green, will take place on Saturday, 19 October from 4:00-6:00 at the Military Family Center of Pegasus Farm, on 5495 Meese Road, Louisville.
Additional information will be forthcoming.
Tri-District Membership Seminar
The 2019 Tri-District Membership Seminar will be held on Saturday, 26 October, at Kent Roosevelt High School.  More information will be forthcoming.
Your club president and club membership chair (and committee members) will be contacted in August by the District Membership Chair, PDG Mike Raulin, to see what your club membership needs are.  The Tri-District Membership Seminar Committee wants to hear from you and develop a program where you can interact with Rotarians from the three northeastern Rotary Districts, have fun, and leave with tools and ideas of how to grow membership.
District Rotary Foundation - - Update
I have Great News to share - the Rotary Foundation has added approximately $16,000 in EXTRA funding for grants this year thanks to endowed funds previously provided by generous Rotarians in our District.
District 6650 in now expecting $55,600 in Local District Grant funds this upcoming Rotary Year. Click on the following link below to view a summary of the requests made by the Clubs in our District. If your Club is not listed, please contact me. Funds should be distributed in late August, early September.
Did you know that our District can be very proud of our international work through The Rotary Foundation?
We currently have ongoing Rotary Global Grant projects providing funding for classroom-based libraries for elementary schools in Cam Lo, Vietnam; advanced life support equipment and education in Honduras; farmers cultivating land in Oholi, India; 600 portable computers for schools in Marthwada and Palghar, India; acid-attack survivor support in Uganda; mini-science centers in India; ophthalmic equipment for The Rotary Clinic in Kashmir, India; a Boys & Girls Club van in St Thomas; mobile children day centers (creches) at the construction sites in Pune, India; a hospital-based dialysis center in the Philippines; and our Military Family Veterans Center in Louisville, Ohio, which opened this fall.
Since January, we have added funds to assist creating a Women’s Diagnostic Center in Sri Lanka, GiGi’s Playhouse in Canton for children with Down’s, and providing Goats in Oholi, India. (descriptions at end of document).
Please feel free to email or call me with questions/concerns.
Peter Apicella, M.D., DRFC
2205 Pearce St, Salem, OH 44460
330-207-0500 (cell)
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