Rotary District 6650
        June 2019 Bulletin
Volume 1 |  Issue 10                                                                                                                                                           
District Governor's Corner
Governor’s Column (June 2019)
Dear District Rotarians:
I cannot believe that I sit here on June 30, writing my final column as my term as your District Governor comes to a close.  I count this experience as one of the best of my life, and I sincerely, encourage every Rotarians to consider the opportunity. 
I believe there are some misconceptions about being governor and I'll clarify through my experience:
It is impossible to work full-time and be District Governor
Not true!  I was able to hold down a full-time job and administer the duties of DG.  Like anything else in life, it come down to time management and prioritizing tasks that need to be completed.  
It takes too much time
Nope.  Rotary International has encouraged us to CHANGE, and do things differently.  One thing I did was to give clubs the option of a traditional visit or an alternative visit to an event or participating in a club activity.  For some, we clustered clubs together for joint visits.  I believed it worked out well, and allowed me to experience clubs in other ways than a regular meeting, and reduce time  away from work, or other activities.  Don't get me wrong, being DG does take time, but like anything we feel is important in life, we find time to get it done.
I only really care about my club and my community
Wow!  I once felt that way.  The district seemed abstract to me.  I did not look forward to district meetings.  I remember remarking during my second time as president that I had not been to a district meeting in ten years, and they were still talking about the same issues, and that I was still the youngest person in the room.  Today, I feel much differently.  Getting involved in the district has allowed me to have a first hand view of the larger work of Rotary and how our local clubs fit into that.  It's been invigorating to see Rotary in action around the world, and to make friends with people beyond my club, into the district, zone and internationally.  I've experience how "Rotary Connects the World," the theme chosen by incoming Rotary International President Mark Maloney.  
You all were "the inspiration" to me this year.  From the book drive at All-Ohio PETS, to 5k's, reverse raffles, pancake breakfasts, or auctions, your clubs use such events to leverage the work of Rotary in your community and in our world.  The funds you raise from creative events, are helping those in need locally and globally.  I enjoyed making pancakes, hoagies, and sausage sandwiches; or attending a fundraiser, golf outing, youth exchange activity, membership summit, foundation event, or club anniversary. Mostly, I enjoyed meeting each of you and spending time together as we pondered how we could make our communities better. The visits were the best part!
There are many thank you's, so here goes...
-To Lauri Coy, who provides the district in exemplary administrative support...always with a smile!
-To the District Leadership (DGE, DGN, DGND, Assistant Governors, committee chairs), for their collaborative nature and sense of cooperation to strengthen our district over time.
-To the Past District Governors, who provide the appropriate support, encouragement, and advice whenever asked, without interfering.  Sadly, we lost PDG George Windate this year, who encouraged me for years to get more involved.  I especially thank District Foundation Chair Peter Apicella, who ensures that we set and achieve fundraising goals, and who educates us each day on the good work of the Rotary Foundation.
-To the club presidents who lead our clubs in ways that help move our respective communities forward.
-The Rotary Club of Youngstown for supporting my endeavors as governor, and never failing to be present at events or activities.
-To my club sponsor, C. Reid Schmutz, who helped introduce me to Rotary in 1995, which has led to so many rich experiences culminating with this year as district governor.
-To the 1800+ Rotarians of District 6650 who dream big and create ideas that improve the life of their communities through innovation and service.
RI President Barry Rassin challenged us to "Be the Inspiration" and to do our best in bringing new and innovative ideas to Rotary.  This challenge must continue in the coming years for Rotary to sustain itself and succeed. 
We did our best to implement change and be successful this year.  Here are a few highlights:
-Active presence on social media
-Outstanding giving to the RI Foundation
-A successful Art Auction to benefit the foundation
-8 new Interact Clubs
-Re-invigorating the Lake/Green Rotary Club into the Rotary Club of Lake Township
-Receiving a surplus from the District Conference
-The on-going development of an upgraded district website
The success of the district has nothing to do with the governor, and everything to do with all 1800+ Rotarians who make a difference in the lives of others each day.  Rotary will always "Be the Inspiration" to me, and I can attest that "Rotary Connects the World" as we move into our new year.
Best wishes always and good luck to our new District Governor, Dan Morgan!
Scott R. Schulick
District Governor

Upcoming Events

District Rotarians have indicated they would like to be aware of Rotary activities throughout the District in order to be supportive.  This is your chance to let everyone know about your upcoming events/projects.  Please submit your information to Lauri at or 330-452-2882.

This calendar is there for you.  It is easy to add your event.
If you have administrative access to your website, please follow these directions.  If you do not have administrative access, contact Lauri at or at 330-452-2882.
On the website:
  • Go to Administration
  • On the left go to Events
  • Go to Event Planner
  • Insert your information
District 6650 Clubs- Be The Inspiration
District Governor Scott's Pictures
District Rotary Foundation - Update
I have Great News to share - the Rotary Foundation has added approximately $16,000 in EXTRA funding for grants this year thanks to endowed funds previously provided by generous Rotarians in our District.
District 6650 in now expecting $55,600 in Local District Grant funds this upcoming Rotary Year. Below is a summary of the requests made by the Clubs in our District. If your Club is not listed, please contact me. Funds should be distributed in late August, early September.
PROJECT 2019-20
Homeless Veterans Program - bus passes & food
Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Humanitarian Aid
Gazebo on the Green Renovation
Character Counts Student Scholarships
Canton South
Cross Eyed Mission Central America
Lakeview School K-8 Rooftop Garden
Heritage Park Bench Restoration
East Canton
Working Together - Community Engagement (Work Skills & Career Readiness)
Food Pantry Support
Howland Twp
Howland Township Cemetery Beautification
Hubbard High School Scholarship
Jackson Township
Jackson Township Student Scholarships
Kinsman Park Restroom Project
Lake Township
RYLA Participants
RYLA Participants
Operation Warm Coats
Disabled Person Park Swing
Third Grade Dictionary Project
Dictionary & Interact Library Project
North Canton
Support for Hoover High School Culinary Arts Outreach
Startzman Clinic Medical Equipment
Plain Township
Glenwood Middle School Beautification - Park & Playground
Poland HS Rewarding Good Scholars
Third Grade Dictionary Project
Health & Wellness Educational Seminar for Community
Yellow Creek Park Bench
Little Free Library
Dictionary Project
Wooster High School Scholarship Program
Wick Park Landscaping
Refer questions to the District Foundation Committee Chair, Dr. Peter Apicella, 330-207-0500.
REGISTER FOR -  July 11, 2019
District Awards & Governor's Installation Dinner
DGE Dan Morgan and I would like to invite you to attend the District 6650's Awards & Governor's Installation. 
This event will be held on Thursday evening, July 11, 2019 at 6:30 pm at The Courtney Banquet Hall, 981 East State Street, Alliance, Ohio.
All Rotarians are invited and encouraged to attend!
$30 per person - dinner buffet - *including vegetarian and vegan options
Bahamas Attire or Flamingo Pink Attire (in honor of RI President BarryRassin), or Business  Attire
RSVP by July 3rd.
Click this LINK to register for the District Awards Dinner & Governor's Installation.
District awards will be presented at this event.
We will also use this event as an opportunity to have a formal installation of the the new District Governor Dan Morgan as he begins his year as our district leader.  The Rotary Clubs of Youngstown and Jackson Township will exchange the host club banner and I will pass the DG pin to DGE Dan.
We have invited and secured commitments from Rotary International Directors Floyd Lancia (Zones 30/31) and Stephanie Urchick (Zones 28/29.)  Floyd Lancia will be keynote speaker and officially welcome District 6650 to Zones 30/31.  Stephanie Urchick will have some special presentations as well.
2019 Wild Poliovirus Case Count
Rotary International PolioPlus Chair Michael K. McGovern's statement on the 2019 wild poliovirus case count:

We learned yesterday that that the wild poliovirus case count for 2019 has reached 37 cases in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the remaining two countries that still report cases caused by the wild virus. This means that the case count for this year is now higher than the total number of cases in 2018. It’s important that we have perspective and remember how far we’ve come since we started PolioPlus in 1985, when there were hundreds of thousands of cases of polio each year. We’ve had less than 100 cases per year in the last four years and the final cases are in a small number of geographic areas.

While we’ve experienced challenges in Pakistan and Afghanistan, we’re seeing progress in other important areas. Nigeria has not reported a wild poliovirus in over three years, and the Africa region could soon announce the certification of the eradication of the wild poliovirus. Out of three types of poliovirus, only type 1 continues to affect children. Type 2 is certified eradicated, and there hasn’t been a type 3 virus identified since 2012. We are using innovative techniques to reach more children than ever before in some of the hardest-to-reach areas of the world, and our surveillance systems are continually becoming more sophisticated.

Until we see the last poliovirus, it’s vital that we continue immunizing every single child, and we can only do that with the support of every one of our 1.2 million members. We can’t get frustrated or slow our efforts. Instead, we need to double down on the promise we made over thirty years ago: to ensure that no child ever has to suffer the paralyzing effects of polio. It is crucial that we remain optimistic about the future and continue raising the funds and awareness necessary to support an end to this disease. All donations to End Polio Now are matched 2:1 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation—please spread the word and encourage your networks to donate.

Thanks to many Rotarians and dedicated staff, we are seeing renewed generosity as we reach the conclusion of this year of being inspired.


2019 Council on Legislation - Essential Changes for Clubs and Districts
After each Council on Legislation, Rotary International prepares a brief document (see link below) that describes some of the essential changes that a club or district will see with the start of the new Rotary Year. 
A few things to note,
  1.       Even though there were many more items that passed, a lot of them had to do with the overall organization. This document highlights what’s happening at the club and district levels. For a full overview of the COL, Rotarians could either check in with your COL Reps or visit My Rotary (
  2.       You’ll see that page one of the document discusses that the language in Standard Rotary Club Constitution (SRCC) will be modernized to make it more accessible. It also asks that the reader head to My Rotary to download a copy. We’re still in the process of streamlining the SRCC and expect that it’ll be posted soon.
  3.       In line with number 2 above, the 2019 Manual of Procedure (MOP) is also being drafted. Traditionally, the English version of the MOP has released in the fall (usually October) with translated versions to follow in winter. We expect the same timing this year, and will let you know when the new edition has been released. We’re expecting that it will release as an electronic PDF rather than a printed version, and can confirm that in a future message.
Zones 30-31 People of Action Leadership Seminars: Think you’ve Been There, Done That? Think Again!

Register now for a July or August 2019 Leadership Seminar near you!

  Click here to register
  * Columbus, OH  July 12-13
  * Tulsa, OK   July 26-27
  * Decatur, AL   August 2-3
  * New Orleans, LA   August 9-10

Dear Club and District Leaders in the Heart of America,

Join your fellow leaders in Rotary for one of the Zones 30 and 31 People of Action Leadership Seminars in July and August 2019.

This year’s seminars will focused on new ways to:
Adapt new ways to energize our clubs
Increase our impact in our clubs and communities for Foundation Month and World Polio Day
Expand our reach as People of Action to grow and diversify our clubs, and connect with Rotary alumni
Explore Ideas to engage members in club and district events, and provide leadership development opportunities
Compare and share ideas with district leaders from across the Heart of America zones

On Friday afternoon, you’ll have an opportunity to attend one of three optional workshops: Cooperative Leadership for first and second year Assistant/Area Governors; an Innovation Workshop for all club and district leaders, committees and members, and a Foundation Grants Workshop for club and district Grants and Foundation chairs, committees and Rotarians interested in applying for Global Grants.

Register for Friday and Saturday for one low price - $40 for Columbus, Tulsa and Decatur - $50 for New Orleans. Bring your teams!

From the Governor line to club members, Together We Grow Rotary. Come grow with us at the People of Action Leadership Seminars!
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