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The District has a partnership with the Rotary Club of Canton to share administrative and office resources in downtown Canton.

The Rotary District office is located at:

116 Cleveland Ave. NW, Suite 307

Canton, Ohio 44702

(330)  452-2882

Fax (330) 452-8614

Email: info@cantonrotary.org

Lauri Coy is available to assist coordinating communications, district meetings, district archives, updating data on the Clubrunner data base and posting items on the District website.



District Governor’s Message,
With a blink of the eye the year has come and gone.  I cannot believe how challenging the past year and a half has been for my family.  Starting with losing a grandchild, Dec 22, 2018 to having 5 bypasses on May 2nd 2019.  In June I was still in AFIB and could barely walk 20 feet. My wife Vicky stayed at my side 24/7 for two months. PDG Dr Meena and DR Indu Patel visited the hospital and came to our home many times.  It was nice having two close friends and Doctors watching over us.  I remember the Cardiologist said I was not able to return to work or Rotary in the third week of June.  I asked Vicky to drive me and we made three club visits and gave three speeches in the following week.  I also returned to work full time.  
Some people spend 30 or 40 years in Rotary and never understand the real treasure and blessings of Rotary.  It really is not all the money we raise or the things we do in our community or even the world.  The real blessing is the love and compassion we share with each other.  When you join Rotary, you are joining a very special family who accepts you as you are and for who you are.  It is a family that is there to support you and to help you grow to your fullest potential.  During our families struggles, my Rotary family did not let us down. We received constant support, calls and cards. 
I used to think a leader should not be judged by how many times they were knocked down, but by how fast they got back up.  I can now tell you that sometimes life knocks you down so hard that only your friends and family can help you get back up.  I thank each of you for your love and support, especially my Jackson Rotary friends and our friends in the district and fellow State Farm Agents. 
Our Conference Co-Chairs, Greg Brokaw and a Rich Tirpak, worked so hard on our conference.  Not one word of disappointment was said when I made the decision to cancel our conference.   I believe I was the first DG to cancel a conference in our history.  Not the type of fame we are looking for. 
It is easy to lead when times are predictable and outcomes almost guaranteed.   The pandemic virtually shut us down and required calm, cool planning. It required us to learn to work, and think in a different manner.  And tragically, we had to bear the loss of many wonderful peoples lives.    
We all will be blessed by soon to be DG Linda Henderson.  She is a very hard worker and passionately cares about each and every one of you. DG Linda is very knowledgeable about Rotary, the functions of D6650 and has extensive administration skills.
I am also very excited about our soon to be DGE Steve Wilder and DGN Michelle Charles.  Both of these Rotarians have a long professional career in various leadership roles. Both are very friendly, enthusiastic and passionate about helping others.
I need to give a special thank you to our Office Manger Lauri Coy.  She never lets us down and is always eager to help not only the District Governor but also any Rotarian who calls for help.  We appreciate you Lauri.  We also need to express our gratitude to our Treasure Debbie Esbenshade and our Assistant Treasure Bonnie Davis.  Bonnie has served our district for 46 years.  She is one of our unsung heroes who work tirelessly and expect no thanks.  Thank you both, we appreciate you and your service to D6650.  I also appreciate all of you who served as AGs and Committee Chairs and Committee Members.   
I want you to know that it was a very special privilege to serve as your Governor.  I feel so honored to have met each of you and shared in your club meetings, picnics and service projects.  I received great joy and satisfaction from each of you.  I encourage you to step up and serve as District Governor.  The more we give in life, the more we receive.  The more we focus on others, the happier we are.  You have not only made a difference in my life but you definitely made a difference in the world. 
Thank you for your amazing blessings!
Dan & Vicky Morgan
Travel is probably the last thing on your mind right now, but it’s not too early to start thinking about the Rotary International Convention in Taipei! If you have never been to an international convention, you should consider going!
The website is now live - https://www.riconvention.org/en/taipei - with information about this exciting event.
Early Bird Registration for the convention will open on June 20th at 2:00pm EST, and the promotional rate will be offered worldwide through 11:59pm on June 26th, concurrent with the Virtual Convention dates.  The early bird rate is $315 for Rotary club members and guests 31 and over; $100 for club members and guests 18-30, $10 for guests 5-18. Hotels are already accepting reservations!
Michelle Charles, DGN 2022-23
RI Convention Promotion Team
Do you have friends or colleagues who are thinking of joining Rotary but are not sure?
Send them here to learn about the Top 5 Membership Myths about Rotary.

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