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Are you an established professional who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group who share your drive to give back.
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Feb 27, 2012

The District has a partnership with the Rotary Club of Canton to share administrative and office resources in downtown Canton.

The Rotary District office is located at:

116 Cleveland Ave. NW, Suite 307
Canton, Ohio 44702

Phone (330)  452-2882
Fax (330) 452-8614
Email: info@cantonrotary.org

Lauri Coy is available to assist coordinating communications, district meetings, district archives, updating data on the Clubrunner data base and posting items on the District website.


Linda Henderson
District Governor 2020-21
        I absolutely love Fall. It is my favorite season of the year. Think about it. The days grow cool and crisp. The trees and our decorating take on colors like bright yellow, vibrant orange, and deep red. Harvest foods such as corn, tomatoes, peppers, and squash become  a centerpiece of our meals and  tables. There is so much to anticipate this season: football, Halloween, and festivals. My favorite holiday all year is Thanksgiving. First it is a fairly stress free holiday that revolves around a really good meal with even better leftovers. Second, it marks the beginning of the holiday season with all of the excitement and anticipation that goes with it.
        I know what you are going to say. Fall is just leading into winter. Winter is dark and cold and everything gets more difficult. Snow, ice, and cold keep us in and isolated. I am also aware that 2020 has seemed like a perpetual winter. We have been isolated, cold, and separated.
        As I grow older and approach the “winter” of my life I view winter quite differently. Winter is a time of stark beauty. Yes, we are more isolated, but that also gives us time to think and contemplate not only what we have done but what the future holds.
        So how does all of this poetic waxing and waning relate to Rotary?  If you are a Rotarian you have a great deal to think about in terms of accomplishment. As I travel and speak to Rotarians I am struck by the many lives Rotarians have touched. Know that, in most cases, Rotary’s involvement in a situation has brought about a miracle in the lives of people who need that miracle. 
        Think also of the things to which we can look forward. On August 25, Nigeria has been polio free for 4 years. The World Health Organization has declared the entire continent of Africa polio free. We only have two countries left in Asia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, where polio even exists as a threat. Can you imagine the party we are going to have in 6 or 7 years when we have beaten this horrible disease that kills and cripples our children?
        The best part of this is no one ever hears a Rotarian say I am too old, too sick, or too handicapped  to help. Yes, we admit our limitations but then we say, “How can I be of help to you, surely there is something I can do.”
        Press on, Rotarians!
Greetings Rotarians!...  What a season we’re living through!  One that reminds me daily how much the world needs Rotary, and people like you.
As you may have already heard, we’re joining with Districts 6600 and 6630 to present the Tri-District Membership Seminar on September 15th and 23rd.  Click here to Register.
What you may not have heard, is our Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend!  So here goes.
  1. It’s Virtual:  The downside of covid-disruption?  It’s forced many of our meetings online.  The upside of covid-disruption?  It’s forced many of our meetings online!  If you’ve ever wanted to join a district or zone event, but found it difficult to travel...take advantage of this opportunity to participate from the comfort of your easy chair!
  2. Rotary Inspiration:  Group meetings like this are always inspirational...trust me.  Come see the faces and hear the voices of hundreds of Rotarians from across the nation. Not all at once, there will be moderators.  But you know...
  3. Paul Harris Fellow:  Early registrants will be included in a drawing to win a Paul Harris Fellow.  Why not, right?
  4. Meet Barry Rassin:  Former RI President Rassin will be our introductory speaker.  Now’s your chance to tell him your deepest thoughts.  Or to respectfully mute yourself, and raise your hand for comment. :)
  5. Hot Shot Jenny Stotts:  9/23 Keynote speaker will be Jenny Stotts of our Athen Sunrise Club, who spoke at the RI Assembly this past year.  Her topic of “Rotary Happy” has been a big hit, and I personally can’t wait to hear it.  Not that you need my opinion.  But c’mon...Rotary, Gratitude, Happy.  Yeah.  (note:  “hot shot” is a term of respect)
  6. Keeping Clubs Vital:  Workshop #1… bring us your ideas and inspiration!
  7. Making Rotary Work:  Workshop #2… bring us your inspiration and ideas!
  8. Sharing the Joy of Rotary:  Workshop #3… this is really what it’s all about, ain’t it?
  9. Building Your Momentum:  Workshop #4… I guess we’ll have to get some work done, too.
  10. Rotary is YOUR Organization:  But seriously folks… attend this brief online conference to reinforce your appreciation of the people and the promise that ignited your interest in the beginning.  The world needs Rotary, and Rotary needs YOU!  (And it’s Free.)
If I may answer any questions, or be of assistance...please let me know.
Because of the convenient nature of this online meeting… I hope we can spark your interest, and benefit from your participation.
Love to see you there.  Click here to Register.
Ed Kalaher
District 6650
Co-Chair, Membership
Travel is probably the last thing on your mind right now, but it’s not too early to start thinking about the Rotary International Convention in Taipei! If you have never been to an international convention, you should consider going!
The website is now live - https://www.riconvention.org/en/taipei - with information about this exciting event.
Early Bird Registration for the convention will open on June 20th at 2:00pm EST, and the promotional rate will be offered worldwide through 11:59pm on June 26th, concurrent with the Virtual Convention dates.  The early bird rate is $315 for Rotary club members and guests 31 and over; $100 for club members and guests 18-30, $10 for guests 5-18. Hotels are already accepting reservations!
Michelle Charles, DGN 2022-23
RI Convention Promotion Team
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