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Governor's Corner
February 2023
Happy February Rotarians! I cannot believe how quickly January went!
This month, we’re going to be doing a push for POLIO! We really did not do a large push in the fall because of our Foundation Event, so I would like for us to really make an effort to get to our goal of $25,000 for the year. We are currently at $19,984! 50 district Rotarians committing to $100 a year will get us there.
*NEW!* Rotary International has started the Polio Plus Society. This is for anyone who commits to giving $100 to Polio every year. (This is super easy to do by setting up an automatic withdrawal online at rotary.org). If you have already committed to $100 annually, please let me or your Club President know - I have special pins for you!
Membership Update: Our district is currently down 26 members from the beginning of the year. We’ve had 17 clubs with a positive net growth so far this year - with the Rotary Club of Perry Township leading the pack with an impressive 29% growth! Way to go Perry!
The downside of this is that we’ve had 21 clubs lose members. Please remember our focus this year of caring for the members that we have and reminding them why they joined Rotary. Take the time to find out why they are considering leaving before they actually leave.
President Elects! PETS (President Elect Training Seminar) is quickly approaching. The deadline to reserve your spot is February 28. Remember - this extremely valuable and inspiring program is mandatory for you to take part in prior to your presidential year. If you cannot attend in Ohio in March, you must find another place to do it.
SAVE THE DATE for the upcoming District Conference to be held in Canton June 16-17, 2023. The committee from the Rotary Club at Canton has already come up with some really fun and exciting ideas for you to enjoy!
DG Michelle
Operation Pollination
Planting a pollinator garden at the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County is just the start of the Rotary Club of Warren’s Operation Pollination activities. The 10-by-10-foot garden was installed in June as Christine Cope was completing her presidency of the Warren club. Local monarch butterfly expert Susan Sexton of Youngstown advised on plant selection to draw and feed pollinators. Rotarians and members of AWL’s board and staff did the planting.
Cope is President and CEO of United Way of Trumbull County. She was building toward the pollination project throughout her Rotary presidency by sharing positive environmental news snippets during weekly club meetings and newsletter items, distributing seed packets, and inviting speakers to address topics related to Operation Pollination. The club is willing to start pollinator plots “anywhere we can as long as we have capacity,” Cope said. To her delight, a pending site is at Ultium Cells, the electric battery manufacturer in Lordstown. A company representative spoke at Cope’s President’s Night event about environmental responsibility and Ultium’s goal to grow a pollinator garden on land it owns. A collaboration began to germinate.
Cope describes herself as an environmentalist and nature lover. “I see habitat being taken away and its effects on wildlife,” she said. “All life on earth is dependent on [humans] changing course, in big or little ways.”As a photographer, she sees subtle changes in nature that can be captured through her lens. “When you’re out there, nothing is more beautiful,” she said. “We are stewards of this Earth. The harm we have done is what we must undo.”
She is encouraged by Operation Pollination and “the collaboration – we are all finding one another,” she said. Collaborators include master gardeners, landscapers (for their understanding of native plants), land banks, business leaders and educators.
What is your pollination story? Send information to Elayne Bozick at emsbozick@gmail.com for inclusion in a future District 6650 newsletter.
District Grant for Ukraine
Our district received a $25,000 disaster relief grant from The Rotary Foundation. Here are a few pictures from Kharkiv, Ukraine on how they spent the funds for their citizens in need.
RI Monthly Theme
February is RI Peace and Conflict Resolution Month...
Happy Birthday RI!
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The club gave $30,000 to the 2022 Perry Township Rotary Turkey Trot benefactors. The following organizations are making a difference in our Perry Township Community and Stark County; Perry Helping Perry Inc, Sole InspirationThe Legacy Project of StarkCompassion DeliveredMeyers Lake YMCAWhispering Grace Horses, and Light after Loss.  fThese are amazing organizations that are doing great things to help change and help our communities- one person at a time!
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