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Happy 2021! What a wonderful year 2021 will be! Every year begins this way, full of hope and ready for more and better than last year. If you remember 2020 began this way. This time last year I was packing for International Assembly and preparing for an active year as District Governor. Many of you were attending Pre Pets and getting ready to lead your club in a great year. Events, fund raisers, meetings, and projects were being planned. We were all looking to the future until it all came crashing down the second week of March. Since then nothing has been the same. We talk about the “new normal,” but in truth there is nothing normal about the “new normal”.
If 2020 was anything it was a learning experience. We learned skills that we will continue to use even after the pandemic. We learned to use our time better by using Zoom to meet across the district. We can meet for a half hour or forty-five minutes and skip the 2 hours on the road just to get to the meeting. How cool is it that we can have speakers from all over the country do live programs and even answer questions. We can connect all of our members even if they can’t leave their desks at lunch time, even if they are not able to leave home due to age or illness, or even if they winter in Florida.
I urge all Rotarians to make 2021 the best year ever. The vaccines are out there and hopefully in a few months we will be able to reconnect and get back to our old normal. We have missed being together. We have recharged our energy and are ready to expand Rotary’s mission. Use all your resources, new and old. Make plans, open your hearts, spread your wings and fly. It is a new year and it will be a great one for Rotarians everywhere.
Struthers Rotary partnered with local businesses and club plus private donations to Feed the Hungry Project
Our group has already given out over 2500 dollars in vouchers.  50 vouchers purchased from the 3 grocery stores within our city. Nemenz IGA, Save A Lot and Lightner meats.  In addition, Community Corps has given 500 dollars to first responders in the form of 50 dollar gift cards to support local restaurants within the city.
The program is ongoing at this time+  Thank you Mary Ann Morell Club Avenue Chairman.  We have also gained a new member Jackie Ramkey.
If you know someone that has lost their job or is struggling during this difficult time, submit their name and phone number, and address and Struthers Rotary will help with a gift certificate for food.
Send info to ;
Struthers Rotary
Feed The Hungry
PO Box 127
Struthers Ohio 44471
Individuals must have proof of Struthers's residency. (Utility Bill etc . )
Sponsors :
Struthers Rotary and Struthers Rotary Community Corps,
First Catholic Slovak Union, Branch 682
and CASTLO Community Improvement Corporation
have made generous donations to this fund.
Monetary Donations or Gift cards from private individuals are welcomed and can be sent by PayPal to the link at the top of the page or mailed to :
Struthers Rotary
(Feed the Hungry Fund)
In memo
P.O. Box 127
Struthers Ohio 44471
Or contact Maryann Morell
Happy Holidays! Wow, did you ever think we would get to the end of 2020? I will admit that we lost quite a bit during 2020. Many of us lost regular meetings and the fellowship that is Rotary. We lost All Ohio Pets, District Conference, the International Convention, and the Awards Banquet. Rotary clubs have lost cherished traditions like pancake breakfasts, golf outings, and Oktoberfests that mean so much to their communities. We have struggled to raise funds that are so important to the communities that have come to depend on us for help. Rotarians who were active and productive have lost jobs and businesses or had to change work hours. We are separated from our friends and families. To add to the pain we had devastating fires in the West, monthly hurricanes in the South, and, yes, murder hornets who threaten our honey bees and our food supply. Our nation, and especially our health care system, is exhausted.
It has been a challenging year, but it has also been a learning experience.What is really impressive is that Rotary has answered the call. In every town Rotarians continue to find ways to help. We have learned that we can meet in new ways, outdoors and on Zoom. We have developed new ways of fund raising. We have learned to connect and remain socially distanced. We have volunteered in food banks, and other relief efforts.
This Holiday Season we are facing a winter when the pandemic will be even worse than last spring. Most things are cancelled and families are not able to be together. It is up to us to decide how we will handle the reality of a holiday during a pandemic. As always, Rotarians will find a way to celebrate safely. Remember that the hope of a vaccine is on the horizon in 2021.
My holiday wish is for peace; the peace of understanding among people, the peace of knowing we are safe and secure,and the peace of mind that comes from caring for mankind.
One of the things that I feel badly about is the way that we jump from Halloween into the Holiday Season.  It is as if Thanksgiving is just a day off with a big meal and a shopping spree. As a matter of fact, the Thanksgiving meal has given way to a full day of beating your friends and neighbors to the best bargains at Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.  If anything good came out of this pandemic it is that the brutal Thanksgiving shopping ritual has been curtailed. 

Since this year we are probably not going to be participating in a shopping day or having a big family party, perhaps we can find time to remember all of the things for which we are thankful. In the next few weeks spend some time thinking about the fact that we have plenty of food, a good warm home, clean water, personal safety, access to good healthcare, and the ability to use our automobiles to get where we need to go.  
After you have given some thought to all the good things you enjoy,  spare a thought for those who do not have access to health care, clean water, adequate housing, enough food, or  warm clothing. This is where being a Rotarian becomes so very important.     
November is Foundation Month for a reason. While we are being thankful, sharing our good fortune feels like the right thing to do. The money you give to the Rotary Foundation is a contribution of your good fortune. The amount you give to the foundation isn’t as important as the fact that you share what you have with others. Through grants large and small the money is used to fund sustainable projects that will make lives better. 

This year we haven’t had much to celebrate. Let’s make the 2020 Foundation Campaign one in which every Rotarian contributes. We can celebrate our good fortune by helping those less fortunate.  
Feb 27, 2012

The District has a partnership with the Rotary Club of Canton to share administrative and office resources in downtown Canton.

The Rotary District office is located at:

116 Cleveland Ave. NW, Suite 307
Canton, Ohio 44702

Phone (330)  452-2882
Fax (330) 452-8614
Email: info@cantonrotary.org

Lauri Coy is available to assist coordinating communications, district meetings, district archives, updating data on the Clubrunner data base and posting items on the District website.


Travel is probably the last thing on your mind right now, but it’s not too early to start thinking about the Rotary International Convention in Taipei! If you have never been to an international convention, you should consider going!
The website is now live - https://www.riconvention.org/en/taipei - with information about this exciting event.
Early Bird Registration for the convention will open on June 20th at 2:00pm EST, and the promotional rate will be offered worldwide through 11:59pm on June 26th, concurrent with the Virtual Convention dates.  The early bird rate is $315 for Rotary club members and guests 31 and over; $100 for club members and guests 18-30, $10 for guests 5-18. Hotels are already accepting reservations!
Michelle Charles, DGN 2022-23
RI Convention Promotion Team
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