Rotary District 6650
      September 2019 Bulletin

Volume 1 | Issue 3


October is Economic and Community Development Month
District Governor's Corner
Governor’s Column (September 2019)
Rotary Connects the World
Where did the summer go? It is officially Fall and before we can blink an eye snow will be falling. D6650 has had a few significant events in September. First under the guidance of President Wendy Mann, the amazing Rotarians of Dennison celebrated their grand opening and purchase of their new Club House. It is located at 431 Center Street Dennison Ohio just across from the train Depot Museum. When you look at the photo of the Rotarians going into the Rotary building, you cannot help but think People in Action! If you are looking for a heart- warming club visit, you will find it at 6:00PM on Tuesday evenings at the Rotary Club of Dennison.

On September 26th, President Paul Beinlich of the North Canton Rotary lead a celebration for the Club’s 90th Anniversary of Membership in Rotary International. This vibrant club has had a huge impact upon the World, the Community, and its Fellow Rotarians. This club has given us 4 District Governors. PDG Dennis Huffman still is very instrumental in the club and District. DGN Steve Wilder will become the Club’s 5th District Governor. North Canton Rotary was instrumental in sponsoring Lake Township and Jackson Township Clubs. A high five goes out to the members of this fine Club.

October is Economic & Community Development month. “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” Words spoken by Dr Seuss. Two important dates in October are the 17th and the 24th. The 17th is Eradication of Poverty Day. Check out My Rotary for ideas on this topic. We could work on Micro Economic Credit Systems or have an awareness seminar on self-employment. The 24th is Polio day. The crisis of Polio is not in our past. In 2017 we had 22 cases of wild virus polio. In 2018 we had 33 cases of wild virus Polio and thus far in 2019 we have 78 cases. 62 cases were from Pakistan and 16 from Afghanistan. In addition to the 78 cases thus far in 2019, we also have had 72 cases of circulating vaccine derived polio cases. That is a total of 150 cases. This is still a powerful disease that would grow out of control without our efforts.

A big win is Nigeria. The last known case was 8/21/2016. Africa will be declared free of polio sometime next year. Expect on World Polio Day an announcement that the World is free from type 3 Polio with only type 1 remaining.

In conclusion, each of you are a golden nugget of Rotary. I am reminded of John Maxwell’s thoughts. He says that everyone wants to make their life matter. The key is living a life that is intentional. First is possessing the desire to make a difference. Second is placing a high value on people. Third, we must be willing to team up with others. Significance is within our reach. This also is one of Rotary’s keys to success. When we unite as Rotarians, under the banner of service above self we definitely have the power to impact the World.

Thank you for your dedication, enthusiasm and hard work. You have and will continue to make a difference.

Dan Morgan DG 6650

Rotary Connects the World


Upcoming Events

District Rotarians, this is your chance to let everyone know about your upcoming events/projects.  Please submit your information to Lauri at: or 330-452-2882.

This calendar is there for you.  It is easy to add your event.
If you have administrative access to your website, please follow these directions.  If you do not have administrative access, contact Lauri at or at 330-452-2882.
On the website:
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District 6650 - Rotary Connects The World
*Orders and money need to be to PDG Debbie Esbenshade by October 5, 2019
OCTOBER. Order coats; begin to plan distribution date events and timelines
NOVEMBER. Coat distribution activities concluded prior to or right after Thanksgiving
DECEMBER. Wrap up; what went well, what can be done better; initial planning for 2020 Campaign
Suggested donation request: $20 per coat**
**This is based on combining your Club order with all District 6650
Rotary Club orders to ensure lowest price and maximum flexibility in quantities and sizes needed.
Contact: PDG Debbie Esbenshade @ (330) 259-1029 or (330) 727-6315 for additional information.
Save the Date
Re-chartering of the Lake Township Rotary Club
The re-chartering of the Lake Township Rotary Club, formerly Lake/Green, will take place on Saturday, 19 October from 4:00-6:00 at the Military Family Center of Pegasus Farm, on 5495 Meese Road, Louisville.
Story written by: PDG Sieglinde Warren
Tri-District Membership Seminar
The 2019 Tri-District Membership Seminar will be held on Saturday, 26 October, at Kent Roosevelt High School.  More information will be forthcoming.
Your club president and club membership chair (and committee members) will be contacted in August by the District Membership Chair, PDG Mike Raulin, to see what your club membership needs are.  The Tri-District Membership Seminar Committee wants to hear from you and develop a program where you can interact with Rotarians from the three northeastern Rotary Districts, have fun, and leave with tools and ideas of how to grow membership.
Click here to register for the Tri-District Membership Summit
Article written by:  PDG Sieglinde Warren
District Rotary Foundation - - Update
October 24th is World Polio Day - We plan on having each Club auction a wine bottle at their Club meeting closest to this date like last year which raised $15,000 for Polio.
Rotary has been working to eradicate polio for more than 30 years. Our goal of ridding the world of this disease is closer than ever. As a founding partner of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, Rotary has reduced polio cases by 99.9 percent since our first project to vaccinate children in the Philippines in 1979. We've helped immunize more than 2.5 billion children in 122 countries and contributed more than $1.8 billion toward eradicating the disease worldwide. Today, polio remains endemic only in Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan.
November is Rotary Foundation Month - This year we have a special PAUL HARRIS FELLOW CHALLENGE with MATCHING DONATIONS. I will be mailing you a flash drive with a short 8.5 minute computer video for Club display and personalized envelopes with information about each member’s past giving for the Paul Harris Fellow Challenge fundraiser. This year, PDG Geoff and Kim Goll have pledged to MATCH ALL DONATIONS FROM $100-$500 with Foundation Points to HELP ROTARIANS EARN THEIR FIRST OR NEXT PAUL HARRIS FELLOW RECOGNITION. This contest has raised over $100,000 over the past 4 years. Please show the video and encourage giving. All envelopes must be returned to me by December 31st.
GiGi’s Playhouse Global Grant in Canton, Ohio APPROVED for $45,500:
1 in 700 live births result in a child with chromosomal disorder called Down Syndrome causing intellectual and physical disabilities. 14 years ago, a mother with such a child initiated a program named GIGI Playhouse which implement purposeful programs for the children with Down Syndrome and their families with help from trained volunteers from local communities.
GiGi’s Playhouse Canton currently serves 50 families and has over 50 volunteers. Their board and launch committee have secured funding for a facility and the necessary rent. The group needs specialized equipment and educational materials to properly serve individuals with Down syndrome and their families thus improving the children’s quality of life and enabling the children to meet their highest potential. 
The Rotary Global Grant project would provide the funds necessary to purchase the equipment and materials needed to implement purposeful programs for the facility.
Rotarians in Rotary Club of Plain Township and PDG Meena Patel have worked on the project with the Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities, the GiGi Playhouse Inc (national), and the Rotary Club in India who have benefited from our past projects.
It is unusual to partner with other countries to help a Rotary Club in the United States obtain a Global Grant. Special thanks to Dr. Patel for her help with this project and our Global Grant for the Military Family Center in Louisville, Ohio.
Need help creating a Rotary Global Project from an idea? Local Rotarian and Past District Governor Dr. Meena Patel has been elevated at the Foundation and is willing and able to assist. Please email her at
District 6650’s Global Reach - Did you know that our District can be very proud of our international work through The Rotary Foundation?
We currently have ongoing Rotary Global Grant projects providing funding for classroom-based libraries for elementary schools in Cam Lo, Vietnam; advanced life support equipment and education in Honduras; farmers cultivating land in Oholi, India; 600 portable computers for schools in Marthwada and Palghar, India; acid-attack survivor support in Uganda; mini-science centers in India; ophthalmic equipment for The Rotary Clinic in Kashmir, India; a Boys & Girls Club van in St Thomas; mobile children day centers (creches) at the construction sites in Pune, India; a hospital-based dialysis center in the Philippines; and our Military Family Veterans Center in Louisville, Ohio, which opened this fall.
Please feel free to email or call me with questions/concerns.
Since January, we have added funds to assist creating a Women’s Diagnostic Center in Sri Lanka, GiGi’s Playhouse in Canton for children with Down’s, and providing Goats in Oholi, India.
Peter Apicella, M.D., DRFC
2205 Pearce St, Salem, OH 44460
330-207-0500 (cell)
Community Service Minutes of September, 2019
Congratulations Rotary Club of Dennison, on your 95th birthday and almost a century of service to your community in Tuscarawas County. Wishing You Many More Years of Prosperous Service.
District 6650 also wants to congratulate The Rotary Club of North Canton for their 90 years of service and Best Wishes for the last decade of their First Century of Dedication to their community and the communities they touched in far of lands”.
It is a high time for our district to recognize our rotary clubs’ place in the Rotary world where we have lead the flag of service, which continues to fly high in the second century.
It is a high time we form Association of Century Clubs of Ohio. Six of our clubs will be inducted right away, two more clubs will join in 1920 and fifteen more will be completing their century of service in the next decade. There is no such association in the Rotary World and Evanston leadership is very encouraging if we decide to do so.
All our clubs are involved in serving our communities. They have done the projects, small or large, with their own money, sometimes with the help of district grants and very recently through global grants. Rotary Foundation has designed “Community Needs assessment” form, which is a must for global grant, but it is equally good to learn what to look for when designing district grants or the projects planned just with club grants.
"Sometimes significant, sustaining projects can be done across the district if clubs get excited about the project. Operation Warm is one such project that has flourished in our district under the leadership of PDG Debbie Esbenshade  And the district and club leadership has continued to keep that excitement among district Rotarians." 
*Click here to view the Global Grant Community Assessment Results form.
This community need assessment guideline helped the Rotary Club of Plain Twp in supporting GiGi’s Playhouse where every Down’s syndrome child/adult could be helped reaching his/her God-given potential and support their families in understanding their loved one’s mental challenge and learn how to support them when they are achieving their milestones.
120 children with the syndrome are registered.  
                  Learning Math is Fun!
“I Can READ Now!”
“I Love This Place” J
The Rotary club of Plain Twp worked hard to get the global grant worth $ 45,500.00 in order to provide educational, and therapeutic materials to this playhouse. Indian Rotarians came on board and The Rotary Foundation match came in the form of $ 18,000.00. The grant is approved. Soon all the clubs will get the invitation to visit this place. Congratulations Rotary Club of Plain Twp.                                                                                   
When grants like this receive DDF as well as match from the world fund, it is the contribution of not only all of our clubs but the whole Rotary world!
While undertaking any project we come across several bumps along the way till intended benefit reaches full potential in serving beneficiaries. Establishing Military Family Center through a global grant worth $113,000.00, where $70,000.00 contribution came between Indian Rotarians and the world fund. We had several bumps from the start since 2014, some avoidable, others inherent. We hope that the veterans and the military families, who are the main beneficiaries, would get intended benefits promised to them in the year 2014 by our Rotarians.
Part of that global grant money was used to buy two lifts for riding arena and for a bath tub for physiotherapy. They were not of use at the MFC and had to be taken care of before closing the grant. Recently they have been donated to Aultman Specialty Hospital which is recently renovated long term care facility. I am delighted to see that these two lifts will be serving not only veterans and military families, but rest of the community too. The grant process that started in 2014 was completed in 2019. Lesson: Be Patient.
The lifts were upgraded and installed with the permission from the Rotary Foundation and our partners in service from India. The project we started in 2014 got completed in 2019.
The Plaque in the two rooms where the lifts are mounted from the ceiling will look like:
Aultman Specialty Hospital would like to thank
Rotary International District 6650 & Its 28 Clubs,
Rotary International District 3131 (India) & The Rotary Club of NIBM,
Rotary International District 3132 (India) & The Rotary Club of Aurangabad Elite,
The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International
For their generous donation of two lifts through its global grant
The Rotarians would like to thank Veterans and the Military Families
For their Service to our Community and our Country.
The Rotarians also would like to thank Aultman Specialty Hospital for helping us serve our community.
What other section of our community needs our attention?
Everyone is aware that our seniors need our attention and our service. By year 2025, it is projected that 25% of our community members will be senior citizens. Many communities are trying to find ways to serve them.
Again the assessment format provided by the Rotary Foundation comes to help.
1. Seniors are lonely.   
2. Many of them are  depressed. 
3. Some of them cannot look after their dietary needs and are mal-nourished.    
4. Large number is losing daily contact with the younger generations.    
5. The wisdom they have gathered through their life experiences is not translating to the next generations because of lack of Intergenerational Connectivity.
We can do something about it because ----
1. We have resources, and we care!    
2. We have 75% of the community still of various ages.    
3. The young hardworking parents, our schools that are making efforts to give more to their students in addition to reading, writing, math and science, and our Rotarians, especially of younger generation, are great resources who can make a difference.
JRC Campus at Myers Lake Ballroom in Canton is trying to remedy that. They already have adult day center at Myers Lake Plaza in Canton.  They are bussing North Canton preschool children to the center for Intergenerational connectivity. That offers pleasant interaction between seniors and children.
Local Foundations are helping them renovate the ball room into a beautiful facility at present. Few Rotary club members are visiting the facility, see it in action and will look into designing a project to serve our seniors with the help of Rotary Foundation Grant
Tusky Valley Middle School students had periodic visits to JRC Adult Day Center, the photography club took pictures of senior fashion show. It was a Fashion show in Paris. Another visit the students spend time chatting with the seniors, reading thm books, helping them putting nail polish on.
To view pictures of the visits to JRC, click here!
Progress on Double Cultural Peace Exchange Between Russia and USA
A certified Rotary STEP (Short Term Exchange Project) has been working its way through the NE quadrant of D6650, and the Russian District 2223 in the past two years. It has filled to half capacity and still has openings for students with musical
talent in instruments, and artists and chess players. Rotary stipends of $500 each will be offered to the students who elect to travel from the Youngstown area to St. Petersburg next Easter, and the Russian students who will visit this Thanksgiving.  The Canfield Rotary has agreed to sponsor this project for our district.
The overall object is to invite talented high school age students in both Russia and the US to visit each other’s countries, as an example of how today’s youth might contribute to the peace process through understanding between the people of both
countries, a primary Rotary goal. The message would be that when diplomatic words fail, the arts and younger people may be able to change the both the tone and the tune by their peace-keeping gestures.
Both teams have seven membered Choral Groups (Youngstown Connection/US), a trombonist, and a cellist. If any Rotarian reading this Newsletter is aware of a talented piano, violin, saxophone, trumpet or guitar, who would make a credible
youth ambassador for our country, and who, has the option to go to Russia for a week Apr 10-20, and whose family might be able to host a Russian counterpart November 23-Dec 3,
Story written by Howard Mettee
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